Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun filled Day

We had a great day today! Started off with a soccer game followed by happy face pancakes. Took a nice long nap then headed to Lithia Springs. It's such a beautiful park for a beautiful day! We spent about 3 hours there and headed to DQ for dinner. We had so much fun with our friends!

Ella and Sophia are bff's and could totally pass as twins.

Olivia collected lots of pine cones with Arianna's help. We will make bird feeders later this week.

Soph being nice and not causing trouble for once!!! WOW!

The gang at Dairy Queen. Ella, Ethan, Daniel, Isaac, Sophia (I think she is yelling at everyone here), Olivia and Arianna. What a bunch of awesome kids.

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Kurtis and Melissa said...

That's quite a crew you've got there. I hope it didnt get to rowdy. Glad you got to enjoy the beautiful day, even better a great nap!

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