Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Overseas screening

We were so excited to get our orders to Okinawa that I kind of forgot about the stressful parts. Pcsing from Okinawa to Tampa was one of the hardest things we've done. But I blamed most of the stress on my 8 month pregnant body. Yes...I moved overseas 8 months pregnant. Monday we started out overseas screening stuff. Which is mostly a SHIT ton of paperwork. I made all of our appoitments to get screened. Dentel, medical, passports etc. We did passports yesterday. We all have passports but hubs is under the impression we need official ones along with our civilian ones.

A few months back I had my wisdom teeth consult and with Tricare covering 60%...I still would have to pay $2178. So I said no. (I only want them out so I can get braces, no pain or anything). But to get my clearence...I need em' out. Huge bummer. So I call Tricare and they say my current dentist is not a network provider! WHAT?!?!?! So Ive paid over 2 grand this summer in dental work for NO reason...not even including my wisdom teeth. Totally pissed. Anyway....Im going to an actual network provider today to get ANOTHER consult. I just think it sucks I have to pay..even though they make me get the teeth pulled before we go. Why didnt I have to get them pulled last time I went overseas??

The rest of the week involved physicals for all 4 of us. Dental exams for all 4 of us, a parent teacher conference, a field trip, 2 dance classes, a soccer game, a baby shower...and some stuff I know I'm forgetting. Im stressed out!!! February seems so close to me. People *usually* get 6 months in advance for overseas orders. We have about 3...which is fine. I know we can get stuff done. I will admit, I am pretty nervous for TMO. We need to have a HUGE yard sale. Anyone want to buy 2 cars too??

But a tiny bit of good news in all of this...We are going to visit our parents for Thanksgiving!!! It's our first Thanksgiving at home in like 6 years! We are pretty excited for some time to relax. And eat!

Here is me lately....although my smile isnt quite as big as hers :)

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Festival and Soccer Game

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I know I did. Saturday I volunteered to "Stamps for the Troops". Volunteers decorate cards for troops overseas to send home to their families. When Ally and I got there, it was so disorganized and they didn't have enough materials. Hey...I tried. I headed out with a friend and we had a DELICIOUS lunch (our first real meal since getting sick LAST Monday), got spa pedicures, and did some shopping.

Saturday morning Big Sis had fer first soccer game of this season. She played last year so she knew the ropes pretty well. Even scored a goal! Woohoo!!

Today we headed to the Pumpkin Festival down in Bradenton...a bit of a drive, but it's the only Corn Maze around. I thought we would have some cider, get a pumpkin, and jump on a hayride. Boy, was I wrong! There was over 150 vendors for crafts, about 50 food booths, pony rides, was a complete fair. Tons of fun!! Ally, her baby and her Dad came along too. I got some homemade Apple Butter and the girls got a pumpkin. Enjoy the pics!!



Hay Maze!! There was no way out!

Lil her finest!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sick, Carnival, and Orders

Fun title huh? Yeah...a lot has happened this week. We got sick. Really sick. I dont know if it was bad food or a virus. But it was bad. I've been with my hubs for about 10 years now, and never seen him like that. Luckily he got 48 hrs SIQ. Now that we are feeling better, it's *almost* funny. At one point, I ran to the bathroom yelling "get out, get out, get out! My turn!!", expecting hubs to be on the porcelain thrown. Nope...he was totally passed out in the hallway leading to our master bathroom. I just jumped over him. Sad...but funny.

Enough of that. We were so sick we couldnt bring the kids to school or activities so they needed some air. We brought them to this little county fair last night. It was free to get in for military and only $1 rides. The kids had a blast but I forgot the camera. I took some with my phone, they arent great but it's all I have :( We played that game where you get a big bucket of ping pong balls, and toss them into the jars to win a fish. Ive never seen any body win and Ive never won. But Kids wanted to play. Of crazy 2 year old wins. The guy was nice so he gave each kid a fish. Now we have pet fish...again...yay. Don't these fish know I'm a pet killer?

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Oh...The orders?? My bad!!!! It's official! We are going to OKINAWA!!! Yahoo! I will be joining The Ramblings of a Marine Wife. !!

I think most of you already know...but we spent 4 years in Okinawa and love it! We can't wait to go back and share the experience with our kids. Not to big sis where she was born!!! I'm a bit nervous. Last time I moved to Okinawa, I had a TV, some clothes, and thats about it. Moving will be tough. First we have to sell the cars, lil sis' nursery, and a shit ton of other stuff. The amount of material things we have to sell/donate is pretty overwhelming at this point. Another thing I am kind of stressing is, they made a new rule that all incoming Americans live on base. No can do. I hated living on base! I embrace every duty station, believe me. But on base housing in Okinawa is not for us. Hopefully when we move, in February, on base housing will be full so we can live off. *Crossing my fingers!!!* I'm beginning to ramble so Ill stop here. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My bad.

Ok, so I totally thought I would have posted the announcement by now but, it's the military and things change faster than ever. We got orders this past week. To either Pensacola or Okinawa. The monitor said he would sleep on it and tell us Tuesday. Well, it's almost Friday and still no word. It will definitely be one of those places, just not sure which. We love both. We got married in Pensacola and the beach there is amazing. Hubs would be an instructor for MOS school there, which he has always wanted to do. And Okinawa, well...We LOVEEEEEEE Okinawa. I think I am rooting for Oki, but I will embrace either duty station. The monitor sent and email today saying we would have orders in hang by Tuesday. AND...the other huge part, we would be leaving in February! We thought it would be June for sure, so that kinda stinks. Makes it a little tough on the kids. But anyway, we had a great week. Our friends from Okinawa are visiting and they are AWESOME. We had a blast with them at the aquarium and hung out in downtown Tampa for the day. Lil sis also had her first day of ballet class today, SO CUTE!! Sooooo of course I have tons of pics for you!!

Big Sis and me made a ghost!



Lil Sis is on the left!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have a SUPER huge announcement to make this week!!! Any guesses? Stay tuned to find out!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


We had a fantastic weekend! It started off with dinner our with a bunch of friends. We had a total of 7 kids with us and the night actually went pretty well! On Saturday, I was asked if I would perform some dances from Zumba at the local mall to promote a new perfume that Dillards had. Of course I said yes! We danced for about an hour and had a huge crowd! I should have some pics and video from that within a few days.

Our friends invited us to a staycation at a beautiful resort on St Pete beach for the rest of the weekend. We went to TradeWinds Sandpiper resort. Highly recommended for military families. They offer $300 suites for about $100 to military families! We got a huge suite with a balcony. It was beach front with cabanas and hammocks and bars. I absolutely LOVE being able to drive 30-40 minutes and be in paradise. It makes me giggle inside when I see all these people who pay thousands to come here and I only paid for a little bit of gas. I really love it here and all the things we are able to do. We had a blast! All of the kids had a great time and it was a nice way to say good bye to our deploying friend. He leaves on Tuesday, so say a prayer for a safe return please! Here are some pics!

Here is Lil Sis showing off her cuteness.

Big Sis

Of course the Hubs had to show off his cuteness too!

Cason is soooooooooooooo cute!

Friends poolside

Friends beachside

The hubs and me chillaxing in the hammock

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