Thursday, October 7, 2010

My bad.

Ok, so I totally thought I would have posted the announcement by now but, it's the military and things change faster than ever. We got orders this past week. To either Pensacola or Okinawa. The monitor said he would sleep on it and tell us Tuesday. Well, it's almost Friday and still no word. It will definitely be one of those places, just not sure which. We love both. We got married in Pensacola and the beach there is amazing. Hubs would be an instructor for MOS school there, which he has always wanted to do. And Okinawa, well...We LOVEEEEEEE Okinawa. I think I am rooting for Oki, but I will embrace either duty station. The monitor sent and email today saying we would have orders in hang by Tuesday. AND...the other huge part, we would be leaving in February! We thought it would be June for sure, so that kinda stinks. Makes it a little tough on the kids. But anyway, we had a great week. Our friends from Okinawa are visiting and they are AWESOME. We had a blast with them at the aquarium and hung out in downtown Tampa for the day. Lil sis also had her first day of ballet class today, SO CUTE!! Sooooo of course I have tons of pics for you!!

Big Sis and me made a ghost!



Lil Sis is on the left!


Expat Girl said...

Ahh thats so exciting, I hope you get orders soon and at least you would be happy with either one : )

Kara said...

Either one would be good. I'm really starting to like Okinawa since I'm starting to explore more on my own. It sucks if you can't drive!

If you do come here, we can meet up!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Wow how exciting!!!!

It's Something Beautiful said...

Ahh how exciting! Mister is based in Okinawa (soon pendleton) and he says its absolutely beautiful there! The beaches are just incredible. I hope you get orders soon!

Thanks for sharing the pics with us, looks like you all had a great time :)

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