Monday, June 6, 2011

New with Us

The picture uploading problem remains. I have no idea what the problem is but Im assuming it has something to do with my brand spankin new computer. Ill have hubs check it out today because I have a crap ton of pics to upload.

We have been having too much fun lately. We have been to at least 5 BBQ's in the past two weeks and hosted a few ourselves.. Which means too much food. I started the ass kicking regimen yesterday. I burned 600 cals in my hour workout so I was happy with that. Until the next round of BBQ's this coming weekend...UGH. I just cant say no to BBQ food!!

The summer is starting off right though. The kids start swim class next week, and it's time for Kindergarten registration. We are going to try and take a July vacation too.

We are happy to announce that we are starting the adoption process. We had our first seminar last Saturday (which I was proud to organize) which was very informative. There is sooooo much information that it's pretty overwhelming. International adoption is a crazy process. Some people wait 2 years for their child and some people get their child in 5 weeks. I knew it was expensive, but when I heard the number out loud I almost threw up. Of course it's totally worth it though. We are pretty sure we are going with Taiwan for our choice country. Did you know kids from Russia will cost you around $50,000? Crazy!

As some of you may know by other Okinawa military wife blogs, we had a Typhoon roll through Okinawa.
I was fully ready since we had been through a Super Typhoon before. I had my emergency kit fully stocked. Which I pulled out about 10:00 PM when the power went out and needed flashlights. Then the pipes burst. It was literally raining in the upstairs bathroom and downstairs laundry room. They had to tear down the concrete wall to fix it. We cleaned up most of the water and went to bed. We were laying in bed for maybe 5 minutes when we heard the LOUDEST crash of glass. We ran around upstairs looking for the damage but found nothing. It was so loud we were sure it was upstairs. But was our dining room sliding glass door. Our fence came out of the ground and flew through the door. It was the BIGGEST mess. There was glass, saltwater, and sand every where. I left with the kids because the storm was so loud in the house. Hubs and Repairman boarded up the house and left the mess for the morning. All in all, there was maybe 2-3 thousand bucks in damage, 3 days with no water and no door. I heard so many "thats why I live on base"...but hey. Living on the beach is still worth it. We get a few powerful storms but the rest of the year, its paradise.

Thats the latest with us. stay tuned for pictures. Hopefully!

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