Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!

Hello!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! I know we did! I spent Christmas Eve baking and baking and baking! I actually counted...I made over 200 cookies, truffles, 20 mini cheesecakes and one large one. Chocolate covered pretzels, Christmas bark, and a few other goodies. Neighbors, family and friends enjoyed all the desserts and it was well worth all the mess in my kitchen!

The girls woke up Christmas morning and were very excited to see that Santa stopped at our house. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful gifts! I got lots of new Kitchen accessories and Mike got a new Ipod Touch! It will really come in handy when he heads back to Afghanistan next month.

Enjoy the pics....We set up the Polar express and then had all the dinosaurs invade. Spike (green dino) got hungry and ate some reindeer. The girls thought it was hilarious to run over some reindeer too....Mikes idea of course. Christmas Day we went up North to see some family friends. Then headed back down to Tampa to The Powells house. Phuong made a HUGE feast of turkey, pork and all the fixins. It was SO yummy! We played games and exchanged gifts. What a great night!!

Cookies for Santa!! (and a truffle for him too!)

New Polar Express Train! Thanks Mema and Papa!

Poor Reindeer!

Spike got hungry, those reindeer didn't stand a chance.

Dino's taking over Polar Express!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wonderland at the Zoo

I've skipped a few days of posting! We had friends over the past few nights for dinners, Christmas shopping, school meetings, and the Zoo this evening..a little nuts over here. We are so thankful for good friends here in Tampa! Thanks for coming over for dinner everyone! Thanks to the Powells for going to the zoo with us!! Here are some pics from the zoo this evening. It was freeeeeeeeeeezing!! 50 out!!!

Kiddos all bundled up

Getting buckeled in for the banana planes! Issac in front and Liv behind.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pasco Train

silly kids!

Isaac and Olivia (on one leg)


We went to the Pasco Christmas Train this morning with some good friends. It was a chilly 50 degrees out and we were freezing! The kids had a blast (even though I was not a fan of wobbly handmade trains). Nate some how rigged the train so MY seat came off the tracks! (kidding, it was probably my fault) But it was still scary! Enjoy the pics!

Happy Birthday to Me!

So, yesterday was my Birthday! It was a great day...I woke up to an empty, quiet house and headed off to breakfast with friends. Mike took the kids to their activities. After our breakfast we headed to the mall. Mike and the girls got me some excellent gifts! A pair of ribbon scissors I REALLY needed for my hairbow making. Also, a memory foam pillow I have been wanting, ANDDDDDD a gift card to my fav salon!! What a great hubby! He took me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant too!!! I have SUCH great friends and family to make my day special!! Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello, Hello!

Yeah, Yeah...I said I would post everyday..I KNOW I've missed a few days! Anywho....Mike flew in Monday night. (yay!) He is well and glad to be home for a break. He should head out again the first week of January. Kids are super excited Dad is home. Yesterday we ran a ton of erands and Olivia got her hair trimmed. Michael the stylist was great to her. Mike and I went to dinner last night and did some last minute Christmas shopping. He went in to work today for a while but got home in time to make it to Liv's dance recital. She did SO well. We are very proud of our ballerina. Sophia on the other hand was a little ridiculous. She is just a big ball of fuss latley. Afterwards we headed to the park for some relaxing. Enjoy the pics! Yummy cupcakes I made for the recital party


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Park, Playing & Peanut

We went to a different park today with Miss Phuong and Issac. Lots of fun! It was hot out 80 with humidity ugh! We headed to Isaac's for lunch and Sophia fell in love with Peanut. She fed him treats and was hugging all over him! I Have been trying to talk Mike into adopting a kitty but it's not looking good. Come on Mike!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Easy and Yummy

Quick and Easy (and yummy) Shrimp Scampi

Angel hair pasta
1/2 cup butter
4 gloves minced garlic
1 lb shrimp (buy fresh, the frozen stuff sucks)
1 cup dry white wine
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 tspn chopped parsley
sprinkle of thyme
sprinkle of onion powder

-Boil Pasta
-melt butter, add garlic, pepper and the rest of the spices
-stir in wine
-add shrimp
-simmer for about 5 minutes. (don't over cook shrimp!!)

Do you like the dish? I snagged it at Goodwill for $1. Goes from Oven to table (and still looks pretty) to fridge to microwave! Love it. Love my new red garlic press too!

Tree Climbing

We took a walk to the pond to see the ducks but scared them away of course. We picked some oranges and flowers instead. Check out Liv's beautiful dress - $3 at the thrift store.

Beautiful Morning

This morning was a perfect 75 degrees so Phuong and I decided to take the kiddos to the park. It was fun but got crowded quickly so we headed for lunch. Poor Isaac got a black eye from a swing accident. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Am I crazy??

Why YES! Yes I am!
Does Liv has some awesome hair or what??

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