Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello, Hello!

Yeah, Yeah...I said I would post everyday..I KNOW I've missed a few days! Anywho....Mike flew in Monday night. (yay!) He is well and glad to be home for a break. He should head out again the first week of January. Kids are super excited Dad is home. Yesterday we ran a ton of erands and Olivia got her hair trimmed. Michael the stylist was great to her. Mike and I went to dinner last night and did some last minute Christmas shopping. He went in to work today for a while but got home in time to make it to Liv's dance recital. She did SO well. We are very proud of our ballerina. Sophia on the other hand was a little ridiculous. She is just a big ball of fuss latley. Afterwards we headed to the park for some relaxing. Enjoy the pics! Yummy cupcakes I made for the recital party



Kurtis and Melissa said...

love them all, so great to see you all together! I love Sophia's Christmas polka dot dress:-)

Lindsey and Co said...

Thanks Mel! That dress is actually from the thrift store and was $3! I added some ribbon!

Lindsey and Co said...

I just changed a setting and hope it was the right one, are you getting this via email?

lori said...

Love the pics Linz!!!!

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