Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today was Big Sis' recital! She did AWESOME! I am so proud of her! For some reason, you tube isnt letting me upload the video right now and these are the only pics I have. I am being emailed a few from other moms though. She had a blast and gave Miss Cheleste a big bouquet of roses (which she picked out even though I suggusted a MUCH less expensive bouquet) for her. Big Sis got her own bouquet too, which she was very proud of. They even recognized us awesome moms for making the tutu's! Lots of hard work paid off...everyone had a great time! Enjoy these pics!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shutup Positive Patty

Jus a quick post this morning as I sit and watch my darlings chow down breakfast before gymnastics. This is just one little thing that annoys the hell out of me...and Im sure other people too. NO ONE likes a Negative Nancy. There is always one...bitching ALL the time about EVERYTHING. And usually their "situation" isn't that bad. But even more annoying is a Positive Patty. The "my life is so perfect, I am so blessed. Everything is perfect, Im perfect, Everything is wonderful, Perfect kids, Perfect husband, Perfect Life" Shutup. If you have to say it ALLLLLLLLLLLL the time, every post, every blog, every conversation....then your life isnt that freakin perfect. In my opinion, if you have to tell the entire world every single day how perfect and blessed and amazing everything in your life is...then you're hiding something. And I dont give a crap what it is. Everyone knows people like this and everyone agrees equally that they are annoying as hell. Call me cynical, call me bitchy, but you know it's true. I do try and look at the positive in the situation most of the time, but I dont go running my mouth about it all the time. That is all. enjoy your day :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my baby is back! (ipod, not husband) ahahahaha

So all Big Sis has been talking about is her dad. She has a huge list of stuff she wants to do when he gets back..camping, fishing, beach house, movies, bowling. The list goes on. I told her a while back we were going on an airplane to see him. Then I felt really bad when I told her we werent going anymore (because her sister is a bit hard to handle in public) and that we would just let daddy come to us. She begged and cried and I gave in. We will be heading to VA to see daddy in 18 days yay!!! The girls just CANT wait to see him. Until then I will be pushing my badass self into shape and trying desperately to get Lil Sis to act like a human and not a rabid beast. I can see it now....being kicked off an airplane because my almost 2 year old screams "BOMB!!!". Yes...she really is like that. I havent talked to hubs in a while since he's been so busy with the course. This week he's in the field with no phone. Miss my Hubs! :( and the best new of all I FOUND MY IPOD!!!!!!!! aaahhhh I am sooooo excited! It was in my car (embarrassed). I swear to God I looked a thousand times. Big sis must have hid it. Bad news ; I lost my sunglasses. AHAHAHA. Shutup.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

politics and my super cute kids

It's hot out. Really freakin hot out. Like 90's with 80% humidity. Only a few more weeks till Hubs is done with this course. I can go 6 months without him but 7 weeks seems to drag on and on and on. results came back from my thyroid. Normal. Yay. My knee is still giving me troubles though. I wear the stupid brace during my workouts and it's so limiting. It's hard because my knee doesnt really hurt until after a workout, so I dont know how hard to push myself. This morning was my boot camp class and is HARD AS HELL. And my knee is feeling good...tonight is Boingrobics so we'll see how that goes. I go back next week for an xray to check out my inards hehe. Hopefully it's all healed and I can get back to running. ~~~~> DONATE

I made the mistake of posting an Obama related status on my FB yesterday and it blew up into a political debate. I'm VERY mad the President won't be attending the Observation ceremony at Arlington on Memorial Day. Instead he will be at a BBQ in Chicago. Wtf is that? Am I the only one who thinks that's bullshit? I don't like Obama...never had and SOOOOO happy I didnt vote for him. I know several friends who voted probama and totally regret it. Are you one of them?

I saw a bumper sticker that said "One Big Ass Mistake America". Although I don't put stickers on my car, I loved it and thought it was hilarious.

So Sweaty at the park!!

Soph getting ready for a run. Do i need to invest in some baby Nike's?

Awww...they are pretending to get along!! Just kidding...they totally love each other!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cpl Jonathon Porto Family Fund

Hello Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was ok...did some spring cleaning. Anyhoo this is a SUPER important post. As most of you know (in the blogging community) Rachel, from A Little Pink In a World of Camo's husband was killed in Afghanistan in March. I will be running in his honor in my second "Run For The Fallen" It's held on August 22nd here in Tampa. It's a 5k with an AMAZING turn out. They want one runner for each and every fallen service member from Florida. A lot of people run in honor of people NOT from Florida too. (So feel free to run if you are in the area) I added a button on the right hand side which I will keep up until the race for donations. All donations are for Rachel and Jonny's newborn daughter's (Ariana) Trust Fund. Please donate, and please pass along the link to other military blogs. Feel free to use my blog link on your own need for permission. You can click on Cpl Porto's picture for Rachel's blog. Her entries are straight from the heart, raw feelings. Sometimes hard to read...but I never miss a post. Break out the tissues for that one. Thanks for reading and dont forget to pass this along!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Will I catch a break?

So yesterday, after killing a seagull on my way to the Dr's office, I finally made it to my appointment. I went to get my thyroid checked out and to mention my knee. I hurt my knee during a run last week and it had been sore but not too bad. After watching a good friend go through a knee injury I wanted to mention it just in case. After an exam the Dr told me I tore my MCL (medial collateral ligament)...which is the ligament on the inner knee. I was so bummed to hear that : ( He said to wear a tight brace and to come back in two weeks for an MRI to see if the tear had bonded itself. It it doesn't bond itself they will do surgery to bond it. NOT what I wanted to hear at all. SO today after bloodwork for my thyroid I went to leave and what now? My engine light comes on...Im right near Sears so I stop in. After an HOUR AND A HALF (with my super cranky 2 year old) they tell me to bring it to the dealer....2 hours away.

Whenever my husband leaves..everything just comes crashing down around me, I swear! How am I supposed to have surgery with my husband gone and two kids to take care of? Im continuing my workouts...Ive worked way too hard to stop now. I had Zumba again last night. FUN! Tomorrow the girlies have gymnastics. Look forward to pictures!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

R.I.P Ipod and Windshield (again)

I need a vacation. Yeah I know...I just had one back in April. But I need another one. I am so stressed out! Yesterday I lost my ipod and got another crack in my windshield. 3rd windshield in a month! I miss my ipod :( I use it every single day. I stepped up my workouts yet again. Now I do my classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday but added Zumba on Monday and Thursday and Boingrobics on Wednesdays. By the end of this summer, I want abs and biceps! And I want to run this coming 5k in under 27 minutes.

Good news is the Hubs only has like 4 weeks left until he's done with this course AND he's in the zone. Wooohooo! So excited for him. I can't wait to see him, I miss him so much right now :( We are getting desperate for family time again. We are thinking of going back to Gasparilla Island again this summer. It was such a nice getaway. Anyway, I'm off to a Dr. appt later today then Zumba tonight. Someone want to come make my kids lunch, clean my house, and finish my laundry? Thanks!!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Just a quick bit of good news; Hubs is in the zone for Staff Sgt! Yay!

nutty kids

Things have been a tad crazy here, I havent been able to blog. By the time the kids are in bed, I usually am too. I'm BEAT! I am thinking of canceling our trip to VA to see The Hubs...the girls have just been out of control lately. I don't know when it happened but I found myself sitting in a restaurant with a friend last week losing my freakin mind! I only had Lil Sis with me too...she is just a nut and if I can't control one kid, how can I control 2..on a plane!! I feel really guilty because I know Hubs wanted us to come up and see him graduate and drive back to FL with him. But the simple THOUGHT just exhausts me. Other than that, things are normal. My classes are going great and I even tried a new one last night with some friends. We went to ZUMBA! I have to's not a work out. I didn't even get my heart rate up...but learning to shake your butt like a Latina is fun. Big Sis recital is coming up and I'm so excited for her. She's the cutest ballerina ever. Lil sis has her first gymnastics class this week too. Should be...interesting. Knowing Lil Sis, we will be kicked out within the first 5 min. Miss Betty...the lady who works in my gym's nursery always says "the angels in heaven have faces like her". I feel like responding with "yeah...But she will probably beat them up and steal their snacks"...but of course I just smile and agree. Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

She just looks so sweet....if you only knew the terror she plots in her sleep.

Such a sweetie.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stress Strikes Again

I'm a tad stressed out today. My kids just had an off day and decided it was a great idea to cry most of the day...which they usually don't do, so when they do...It drives me insane. I had a great workout this morning but my muscles are soooo tense. I scheduled a massage for this weekend. I kind of feel guilty for doing it but it's like medically necessary at this point! Im pushing my body so hard and its pushing back.

On a more serious note...I love being a military wife. But I'm getting frustrated. As most of you know...the hubs is gone about 90% of the time. All I wanted to do tonight was go to Zumba with my friends but babysitter was busy. If we were a normal family...I could have gone. Seems silly to be mad about it now that I am writing it. The hubs can't decide if he wants to get out of the Marine Corps or not. It's time to decide and I dont like not knowing. It's probably the biggest decision we will ever make in our lives and it will change things drastically so obviously it's not just a simple yes or no. We talk about it every time we are on the phone together. Just can't decide. If he stays in...thats it...he's a lifer. No turning back after 13 years in. If he gets out..where do we want to live? Decisions, Decisions. Maybe if he ever gets to come home long enough to have a conversation...we can figure it out. He is having a boys night out tonight, and I'm happy he is relieving stress but a tad jealous I can't go out too. I get alone the gym every morning...where i am pouring sweat and working my ass off. Not exactly relaxing (even though I love it). After my massage though...Im sure Ill be a happy camper :)

Thanks for reading...I feel like all I've been doing lately is bitching about something or other. My attitude will improve soon, don't worry.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dress Rehearsal

Today was Big Sis' dress rehearsal for the recital in a couple of weeks. The tutu's are complete and look FABULOUS! What do you think? Like em? These girls are soooo cute! I love them all! They also had their pictures done professionally today too. I am hoping they came out great. After their pics....Miss Cheleste had the girls line up real quick so we could snap our own. This was the best one I got, lol. The girls were totally tired of taking pictures by this point. Big Sis is bottom row...2nd from the left.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love my ipod. (pathetic)

The ipod lives on. After some work, she is back up and running. Whew!! I know it sounds pathetic but I was almost in tears last night when my entire ipod deleted itself. (or I might have done it by accident, whatever. But Seriously man...I CAN'T run without it. I've legs don't move. It's stupid...I know. But I can't help it. So today precious ipod and I went for a 2 mile first run in a while since I've been taking classes instead. THEN I took body sculpting class after my run! GO ME!!! I'm pretty excited about being back into shape. I take 4 classes a week now...all in the morning. It's been a full month since I started and I feel AWESOME! If only my body looked like it...I will one day be happy when I look in the mirror. It might be a ways a way...but it will happen. And I wish my bestie, MelB lived closer because she is a HUGE inspiration to me. She gets me and is the one person I can talk to about my workouts who doesn't get annoyed about hearing it. Thanks chicka, I love you. I'm off the aquarium water play area with some friends and a whole bunch of kids today. Have a great day everyone!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I just deleted my entire 2 gig Ipod by mistake. I'm so mad!!!!!!!!!!! I worked soooooo hard on my playlists! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moms Day (sort of)

This is my 100th post! yay! I decided to switch my Mother's Day. Friday was my Mother's day instead of today. Friday was lots of fun. We had a Mother's Day tea party at Olivia's school, then went to a fun Birthday party, then went swimming at a friends house. It was a great day. Today, however, was not. I am SO thankful for my amazing kids but they have their bad days too and today was one of them. Sophia has been in a rut for the past few days and was super cranky today. I took the girls out for happy face pancakes and it was so badly that we didn't even eat our food...I got up to leave in such a rage that I forgot to pay. Of course I went back and paid....but I was mad. Sophia was RI-DIC-U-LOUS. Also..the Hubs forgot it was my special day too. Way to go Hubs. He's lucky I love him.

I know there will be many many more Mother's Days. In reality...everyday is Mother's day because everyday my kids surprise in some way...good or bad...funny or sad. They are great girls! are some pics from the tea party.

In Other news...I had Olivia evaluated for speech this past week. I had been told by a few people that I should get her evaluated even though I didnt think it was necessary. I refuse to be one of those naive moms...So I went anyway. Well...Mother knows best! Not only was she testing at a 6 year old level for learning/skills/development...her "speech problem" is totally normal for her age. She has trouble pronouncing r's and l's. So we will work on that. Always trust your instincts moms!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bitch Fest #2

I'm gonna rant for a sec...feel free to hit the "x" in the upper right hand corner.
I want to be a little bit more appriciated sometimes. *I* think I'm an extremely dedicated wife and mom. Just sayin Not going into details.
On another note...being a mom of a ballerina we are to make the girls costumes for the upcoming recital. Today I hand picked out 56 medium size gems out of a giant tub full of different sized ones. Then I had to hand make 56 teeeeeeenie bows. Then I had to hot glue the gems on the bows. Then I had to hot glue the bows on the tutu's. There are 7 dancers. 8 bows on each tutu, 1/2 inch from the the tule and 1/2 inch from the bottom. o.m.g. THEN had to hand make all the hair bows too! My fingers hurt from hot glue! I felt bad for some of the dads who bring their daughters so I made their tutu's for them to bring home so they didnt have to do it themselves. I also made another extra one because that mom was out sick. By the time I was 15 minutes away I realized I FORGOT MY TUTU! Which by the way I am not even close to completing since I was busy with everyone elses! So then I go to target because I need "toast" (nude) colored tights. Why not just call them pantyhose?? Or Nylons? Anyhooooooo of course Target did not have them and neither does Walmart. Ill check the dancers closet which is all proffessional costumes so I will pay like 20 bucks for a pair of freakin toast tights. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHHHH <~that was me screaming.Dont get me wonrg, I love being involved in everything my kids do. But I deserve a good rant now and then. K Im done. Have a fabulous day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Splish Splash !

I had a pretty good start to this week. Yesterday Olivia had a DR. appt after coughing for 5 nights. A quick prescription and she's fine. My prescription on the other hand cost $22! WTF? I know almost all Tricare scrips are either $3 or $9. Lame. I FINALLY got rid of like 7 bags of stuff to Goodwill. It's been in my garage for ever. I started off today with having the lawn landscaped. It's one of the things around the house I just don't do. It's a mans job. (and way too hot out). I had a body sculpting class that was awesome. I'm feeling sculpted :) When we got home I did some serious spring cleaning of the downstairs. It's sparking! I have to admit...I was thrilled to move into such a big house but didn't consider the cleaning aspect of it. It's too much to clean in one day for sure. Ill tackle the upstairs next week perhaps. I made some home made mac and cheese for the girlies and filled up their pool. They had a fun hour splashing around before dinner and we called it a night. Here a couple pics.

Such a beautiful girl.

I have no problem bragging about my own kids. Sophia is just stunning.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

After a long day of swimming at the neighbors house, my kids are asleep and I'm catching up on laundry. What better to do than a survery?!

1.How long have you been a Military Wife? Almost 6 years! AAHH!

2. How many deployments have you gone through? Many...1 year to Okinawa, 5 months in Qatar, another 3 months in Qatar, 7 months in Afghanistan, 3 months out on ship to the Philippines, then little tid bits when he was away at courses and stuff.

3. What do you like about being a Military Wife? The Pride I have for my husband.

4. Do you live on base? Hell to the no, we will never live on base.

5. What is your favorite base so far? Okinawa Japan was our favorite duty station although I love Tampa too.

6.What's the hardest part of the military life? watching my husband walk away too many times and having to explain his absence to our crying kids.

7.Do you go to the grocery store or commissary? The grocery store, the commissary makes me attend anger management classes.

8. Do you prefer Dress Blues or Dress Whites? Blues of course!

9.Do you have a lot of Military Wife friends? yes, but I have a lot that are not military wives too.

10. Do you prefer wal-mart or the BX/PX? Neither, they both suck. Target is where it's at.

11. So how did your Husband propose? He didn't. We discussed getting married very early (when I was still in high school). Long Story short...we eloped.

12.Did you marry him after he joined or before? After...He was in MOS school in Pensacola when we eloped.

13.How long have you two been together? 9 years

14. Any kids yet? The cutest daughters in the world!

15. Any kids yet to come? Negative. This factory is CLOSED!

16. Is your husband one of those (I am army hear me "HOOAH"/ I am Marine Corps hear me "OOHRAH") kind of guys? No thank God, he is a great Marine and has a ton of pride but he isnt a motard.

17.Have you ever done combatives with your husband? Of course....what military wife hasn't been a test dummy?

18. How many bases have you lived at? 3

19. If you could change one thing about the military what would it be? That when they give you a date, they stick to it.

20.Do you like military balls? Yes! They are always a blast.

21.Where does your family live? both of our families are in Massachusetts

22.Do you have a job? yes, wife and mom

23. Have you ever gotten in a fight with a CPO's wife? No, I'm not into that catty drama.

24. Name one thing you do when your husband is gone? Make goals.

25.Do you think other wives do that too? of course.

26.When you see movies about the military, do you notice when things aren't right? All the time! It's annoying! Get it right Hollywood!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend Randomness

First of all, HELLO to all of my new followers :D I look forward to reading your blogs and sharing mine with you!!! Welcome aboard!

Second, I am excited today because I bought our tickets to VA!!!!! The girlsies and I will head up there June 14 (my wedding anniversary eeeeeek!!) to see The Hubs. He's only been gone a week but the girls are begging for him already. Ill watch the lil graduation from Sgts Course then hit DC to see the sites. My bestie lives close by so we will be visiting with her and her family too. Then "DUN DUN DUN" driving back to FL!! Yup. Driving. Not too sure on how thats going to go....kinda scared.

Third...I just want to recognize the funny stuff Big Sis says now a days. Today I asked her to go get me the baby wipes and she responded with "Why, are your legs broken?" WTF????? Hilarious. This kid is only 4 people!'s an early bedtime for my kiddos tonight so off I go. Have a GREAT weekend!

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