Wednesday, May 26, 2010

politics and my super cute kids

It's hot out. Really freakin hot out. Like 90's with 80% humidity. Only a few more weeks till Hubs is done with this course. I can go 6 months without him but 7 weeks seems to drag on and on and on. results came back from my thyroid. Normal. Yay. My knee is still giving me troubles though. I wear the stupid brace during my workouts and it's so limiting. It's hard because my knee doesnt really hurt until after a workout, so I dont know how hard to push myself. This morning was my boot camp class and is HARD AS HELL. And my knee is feeling good...tonight is Boingrobics so we'll see how that goes. I go back next week for an xray to check out my inards hehe. Hopefully it's all healed and I can get back to running. ~~~~> DONATE

I made the mistake of posting an Obama related status on my FB yesterday and it blew up into a political debate. I'm VERY mad the President won't be attending the Observation ceremony at Arlington on Memorial Day. Instead he will be at a BBQ in Chicago. Wtf is that? Am I the only one who thinks that's bullshit? I don't like Obama...never had and SOOOOO happy I didnt vote for him. I know several friends who voted probama and totally regret it. Are you one of them?

I saw a bumper sticker that said "One Big Ass Mistake America". Although I don't put stickers on my car, I loved it and thought it was hilarious.

So Sweaty at the park!!

Soph getting ready for a run. Do i need to invest in some baby Nike's?

Awww...they are pretending to get along!! Just kidding...they totally love each other!


Kurtis and Melissa said...

All I'm gonna say is I voted for McCain.

Oh and you have really cute girls:-)

Anonymous said...

i'm with the previous poster ;)

Jordan Streetman said...

I did the same thing on my Facebook, and it turned into a debate. I said when you sign up for a job that involves placing country over family or anything else sometimes, then you need to do your job. He's the COMMANDER IN CHIEF for goodness sake. He needs a freaking clue!

Jessica said...

Oh I made the same mistake by posting on FB about the pres. not attending the ceremony...I got attacked, by one person...oh well...

Anonymous said...

Admittedly, I would -still- vote for Obama. (But only because he's the lesser of two evils.) I wasn't crazy about either. I was on the Hillary train. :/

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