Sunday, May 2, 2010

After a long day of swimming at the neighbors house, my kids are asleep and I'm catching up on laundry. What better to do than a survery?!

1.How long have you been a Military Wife? Almost 6 years! AAHH!

2. How many deployments have you gone through? Many...1 year to Okinawa, 5 months in Qatar, another 3 months in Qatar, 7 months in Afghanistan, 3 months out on ship to the Philippines, then little tid bits when he was away at courses and stuff.

3. What do you like about being a Military Wife? The Pride I have for my husband.

4. Do you live on base? Hell to the no, we will never live on base.

5. What is your favorite base so far? Okinawa Japan was our favorite duty station although I love Tampa too.

6.What's the hardest part of the military life? watching my husband walk away too many times and having to explain his absence to our crying kids.

7.Do you go to the grocery store or commissary? The grocery store, the commissary makes me attend anger management classes.

8. Do you prefer Dress Blues or Dress Whites? Blues of course!

9.Do you have a lot of Military Wife friends? yes, but I have a lot that are not military wives too.

10. Do you prefer wal-mart or the BX/PX? Neither, they both suck. Target is where it's at.

11. So how did your Husband propose? He didn't. We discussed getting married very early (when I was still in high school). Long Story short...we eloped.

12.Did you marry him after he joined or before? After...He was in MOS school in Pensacola when we eloped.

13.How long have you two been together? 9 years

14. Any kids yet? The cutest daughters in the world!

15. Any kids yet to come? Negative. This factory is CLOSED!

16. Is your husband one of those (I am army hear me "HOOAH"/ I am Marine Corps hear me "OOHRAH") kind of guys? No thank God, he is a great Marine and has a ton of pride but he isnt a motard.

17.Have you ever done combatives with your husband? Of course....what military wife hasn't been a test dummy?

18. How many bases have you lived at? 3

19. If you could change one thing about the military what would it be? That when they give you a date, they stick to it.

20.Do you like military balls? Yes! They are always a blast.

21.Where does your family live? both of our families are in Massachusetts

22.Do you have a job? yes, wife and mom

23. Have you ever gotten in a fight with a CPO's wife? No, I'm not into that catty drama.

24. Name one thing you do when your husband is gone? Make goals.

25.Do you think other wives do that too? of course.

26.When you see movies about the military, do you notice when things aren't right? All the time! It's annoying! Get it right Hollywood!


[Briar] . Designs said...

whats a motard?

Lindsey and Co said...

Motard - A super over-motivated Marine. Symptoms include : wearing USMC tshirt in his off time, decorating his house with USMC stuff, talking about nothing but the USMC. You get the picture. Usually new Marines are motards...but luckily it wears off after a few years. :)

ines said...

love the survey! i'm the same way with military movies, i'm like "ummm, that's not allowed" or "he is not wearing his uniform correctly" :).

Skinnie Piggie said...

I love your answer to #26... I jumped to your blog from Semper Gumby's. =)

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