Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Splish Splash !

I had a pretty good start to this week. Yesterday Olivia had a DR. appt after coughing for 5 nights. A quick prescription and she's fine. My prescription on the other hand cost $22! WTF? I know almost all Tricare scrips are either $3 or $9. Lame. I FINALLY got rid of like 7 bags of stuff to Goodwill. It's been in my garage for ever. I started off today with having the lawn landscaped. It's one of the things around the house I just don't do. It's a mans job. (and way too hot out). I had a body sculpting class that was awesome. I'm feeling sculpted :) When we got home I did some serious spring cleaning of the downstairs. It's sparking! I have to admit...I was thrilled to move into such a big house but didn't consider the cleaning aspect of it. It's too much to clean in one day for sure. Ill tackle the upstairs next week perhaps. I made some home made mac and cheese for the girlies and filled up their pool. They had a fun hour splashing around before dinner and we called it a night. Here a couple pics.

Such a beautiful girl.

I have no problem bragging about my own kids. Sophia is just stunning.

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adorable :)

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