Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shutup Positive Patty

Jus a quick post this morning as I sit and watch my darlings chow down breakfast before gymnastics. This is just one little thing that annoys the hell out of me...and Im sure other people too. NO ONE likes a Negative Nancy. There is always one...bitching ALL the time about EVERYTHING. And usually their "situation" isn't that bad. But even more annoying is a Positive Patty. The "my life is so perfect, I am so blessed. Everything is perfect, Im perfect, Everything is wonderful, Perfect kids, Perfect husband, Perfect Life" Shutup. If you have to say it ALLLLLLLLLLLL the time, every post, every blog, every conversation....then your life isnt that freakin perfect. In my opinion, if you have to tell the entire world every single day how perfect and blessed and amazing everything in your life is...then you're hiding something. And I dont give a crap what it is. Everyone knows people like this and everyone agrees equally that they are annoying as hell. Call me cynical, call me bitchy, but you know it's true. I do try and look at the positive in the situation most of the time, but I dont go running my mouth about it all the time. That is all. enjoy your day :)


Mrs. B said...

I love your honesty. I totally agree with you though.

Nicole said...

LOL!!! Gosh, I could have written this one myself. I can relate. :)

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