Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lil Sis is healthy!

Appointment went well. She is taller than average and lighter than average. Bad news is when she fell and cut her mouth....she tore her frenulum completely through. (That little piece of skin between you lip and gum). Good news don't medically need one. But she did say that it's super painful and bleeds forever. The reason she probably tore it all the way though was because she had a paci in her mouth when she fell. Don't judge....if you comment something negative about will just be deleted. I know she is 2 and shouldnt have one anymore. I know they mess up teeth, I know. So zip it. Anyway...Dr. also said she was advanced in speech, which we already knew. Other than that...right on track. I mentioned how naughty she was and the doc said it was terrible two's and totally normal. Not for me! Big Sis is so sweet....doesnt have a mean bone in her all this spitting, hitting, pushing, kicking, yelling, fit throwing, busting out of her carseat, is new to me. Does anyone else experience this? Is one kid an angel and the other a terrorist? Happy Hump Day!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Good and Bad

Hello! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Ours was good up until Sunday night. Friday, the hubs and I had a date night. We went to the movies (first time without kids in like 4 years) and saw Killers. Wicked Funny. Saturday we went to Big Sis gymnastics class. It was hubs first time seeing it so that was nice. We went to the mall, had lunch and did a little shopping. Sunday we hit Clearwater beach. My favvvvvvvvvvvorite! And no there was no oil...and the loser people standing there with their stupid signs yelling at us about "enjoy your beaches while you can" can go get a life. If they have such a brilliant idea about how to plug the damn hole...then go tell BP...not ME and my kids trying to enjoy the beach. Anyhoo...our friends and their kiddos joined us and we all had lunch at Crabby's. Then came the bad.

Lil Sis fell face first into the ground...hard. No hands to stop her fall. Just face on ground. It is unreal to me how much blood can come out of a mouth. I didnt know if her teeth were hurt...or there was a cut or what. Then blood started pouring from her nostrils too. Our poor baby. She has her checkup tomorrow so ill have Doc take a look. Her lip is like Angelina Jolie swollen and she won't eat. Every
time she eats or drinks the cut (or whatever it is) starts bleeding profusely again. She might need a stitch? I dont know. She woke up with bloody pj's and a bloody crib this morning. So sad. Ill update again tomorrow after her Appt. Poor kid gets shots too!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lil Sis is 2 !!!

Our youngest baby girl turned 2 years old yesterday. Such a bitter sweet day for me. Sweet because she is SO healthy and happy (most of the time) and growing. She's been sick maybe twice...always on the go, eating healthy meals, talking like crazy and loving like crazy. Bitter because she is our very last baby....and I want her to stay little!! She is still very baby-like..but still. I want a babbling, cuddly, drooly, giggling baby. It was a great day...we had some yummy chocolate cake and opened a few presents. We didnt have a big party this year. We were just so grateful to be together as a family and celebrate. Happy Birthday baby girl!! We love you SO much!

Here is lil sis when they first put her in my arms. She was born on June 24th, 2008 weighing 7 lbs 7 oz and 19 inches long. The very first thing I said when I saw her was "she has dimples like you!" (to my husband).

Here she is today...24 lbs and 34 inches tall.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're Back!

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACK! Did you miss me?? The trip overall, was good. The flight up to VA...was horrifying. Lil Sis through the biggest fit in the world and I had passengers yelling at me to "shut her up". It was bad. Ill blog that story later. We watched The hubs graduate from Sgt's Course with Directors Honor Roll. OORAH! We spent the entire day in DC seeing the monuments and memorials. What a moving sight those monuments are. We enjoyed such a nice time visiting with our friends KurtB and MelB and WesB. Thank you SO much for everything. We drove back to FL Thursday night and arrived last night (Friday) around midnight. We stopped at Parris Island...soooo cool to be back there. I watched my hubs graduate boot camp from there 7 years ago! Monday we celebrated out 6 year wedding anniversary. Congrats to us! Pretty smooth drive though...I only had to spank twice and only told the hubs to stfu twice! Thats a success in my book. Enjoy all the pics!


Me and the Hubs

First Hug

No more monkies jumpin on the bed!

Dadders and Big Sis

Sgt's Course grad!

Looking good!

Dadders and big sis again

celebratory lunch!

Museum of Natural History in DC....terrified of the Dino

WWII monument

being goofy

Big Sis took this awesome pic!

Here We Mark The Price Of Freedom

Big Sis hangin outside the Lincoln Memorial

Hangin with Abe

White House

Cookin up some breakfast with MelB

Me with MelB

Parris Island OOORAAHHH!

Semper Fi!

Lil Sis hanging out on the long ride home

Sunday, June 13, 2010

little this, little that.

This weekend has flown by! Friday Big Sis had her end of the year party at school and her teacher cried saying goodbye. So sad! They all made t shirts with their hands prints and names on them to remember each other. When we got home I asked Big Sis if she missed her friends yet, and she said "no, ill see them soon mom". Oh...excuse me!

Yesterday we had gymnastics and Big Sis did very well. She is mastering the low bar very nicely and can't wait for Dad to see. Lil Sis on the other used to being the bully (as you all know). Well she got her first dose of being bullied and she was NOT liking it. I just let it happen to give her a taste of her own medicine. Maybe itll help!

After gymnastics we had a pool party for Lil Sis bff Emily. They are in the gym nursery together everyday for about an hour and a half. Love. They swam all day, ate pizza, rocked out to Barney, sang and opened presents. Fun day over all.

Im spending today cleaning my whole house so it doesn't start to grow vegetables out of the cracks while Im gone. We are leaving tomorrow morning to go see Daddy!!!!!! Big Sis has been packing for days. I on the other hand...havent done a thing. This trip should be a blast. We are staying with my close friend MelB and her hubs and son who is Lil Sis' age. Hubs Grad is Tuesday. We plan to see the Marine Corps Museum, the monuments at DC and the Zoo. On our way back we are stopping at good Ole PI, it was 7 short years ago that I watched the love of my life receive his EGA there!(oooooorah!) and Lejeune to see our close friends who just had their first baby boy!! Not quite sure how the flight there or the drive back will go. My biggest concern (of course) is Lil Sis. To drug or not to drug?

Thanks for the comments from my followers who read the blog! Glad you love it!! Ill be back on Friday or Saturday!!! (or earlier if I piss Hubs off enough to drop me off in some random state and put my annoying ass on a plane. :p )

P.S. Thank you Thank you Thank you for all my blog awards....I PROMISE I will post them soon!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

comment tutorial

Hello everyone! First off...I want to say how happy it makes me to know that I have readers. I am NOT by any means fishing for compliments (trust me, I already know my kids are cute). I have enough hits and followers to know that people are reading. But I love comments too! I originally started this blog to keep family and friends far away updated, and help them feel a little closer by posting almost daily. Im not sure everyone knows how much work it is to keep a blog going. It takes a lot of time! And maybe people forget I'm a single mom most of the time. I would much rather sit my butt on the couch and watch House Hunters than upload/edit/post pictures. If you are going to view (and take pictures) from my blog...let me know you like it or appreciate it or comment every now and then. I don't want to make the blog private (which means only my followers and people i chose can see) but I dont want stalkers either. Maybe some not so computer savvy simply dont know how to leave a comment! Here is a little help for those people:

1. At the bottom of each post under the last picture or last paragraph youll see a "comment" link. Click on that
2.On the right hand side youll see a box that says "leave your comment" Simply type in your comment there.
3. When you are finished typing your comment, below the comment box youll see "chose an identity. If you already have a blog, you chose your google account.
4. If you are someone with a blog, click "name/url" All you have to do is type in your name.
5. After you chose your identity, click on the orange button that says "publish your comment....and YOURE DONE!

How easy is that?!

Thank you to my followers/commenters... I love reading your blogs and comments everyday :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


We enjoyed a fun playdate, with a great turnout, at the aquarium today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my annual passes. Such a fun, FREE day. Besides the cost of lunch. Kids had a great time with friends and mommies had a great time too. Although we agreed next time we go's going to involve a few drinks, and no children. Enjoy pics!

ALSO...Hubs had his last graded event in Sgt's Course yesterday so he's done! Tomorrow is mess night, Monday is grad practice and Tuesday is grad! Yay! AND my super smart man finished top 5 in his class of 100 guys! Cant wait to see him!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Couple of pics from the Hubs

This past weekend Jordan Sparks was at Quantico signing autographs. The hubs and a few of his guys did security for her. They also went to the Cinderella Ball for the handicapped and kids with life threatening illness in Washington DC. They did drill there with their swords. I love the swords! Here are a couple of pics. Im flying up there Monday to see him! So excited!

The bozo who took this picture was clearly busy starting at Jordan and cut hubs head off. It's ok though...Jordan looks great!

Hubs and a few of his guys doing security for Jordan

My sexy man!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Big Sis has been begging to cut her hair "short like mommy's" for a long time. Ive told her no time after time. Finally (to shut her up), I told her to ask Daddy (knowing he would say no). So she asked him yesterday on the phone and he said YES! I think I screamed! So as promised, I took her today. I talked her out of the super short cut and convinced her 6 inches was enough. So here are some before and after pics. She still looks as beautiful as ever!!



Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Injury :(

Now that my knee is healed, its time for a new and much more painful injury. I rolled my ankle pretty bad at boingrobics last night. Im talking like totally went down, hobbled off the trampoline like a loser. I iced it for about 10 min and got back to my workout. Finished like a champ and went home. After I got in bed, I was in so much freakin pain I had tears streaming down my face. I would honestly rather give birth again than go through that pain. I would have gone to the ER if I had a babysitter (it was like 11pm). So this morning after dropping Big Sis off at school (which I shouldnt have even been driving) I headed to the docs. Did some xrays, refused crutches and steroids and now Im home, waiting for the x rays results. This whole time I had lil Sis with me. What a giant headache. Doc says no classes for 2 whole weeks. This was like hearing I was dying. I am SO upset :(

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