Sunday, June 6, 2010


Big Sis has been begging to cut her hair "short like mommy's" for a long time. Ive told her no time after time. Finally (to shut her up), I told her to ask Daddy (knowing he would say no). So she asked him yesterday on the phone and he said YES! I think I screamed! So as promised, I took her today. I talked her out of the super short cut and convinced her 6 inches was enough. So here are some before and after pics. She still looks as beautiful as ever!!




Blessing said...

She is gorgeous!!!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Awe she's beautiful! One of my nieces just chopped her beautiful blonde locks to donate 12 inches to locks of love. Its STILL to her shoulders. Insane!!

Wesley's Grammy said...

Her hair looks great, still long and pretty.She would be darling with her hair long or short!

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