Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Injury :(

Now that my knee is healed, its time for a new and much more painful injury. I rolled my ankle pretty bad at boingrobics last night. Im talking like totally went down, hobbled off the trampoline like a loser. I iced it for about 10 min and got back to my workout. Finished like a champ and went home. After I got in bed, I was in so much freakin pain I had tears streaming down my face. I would honestly rather give birth again than go through that pain. I would have gone to the ER if I had a babysitter (it was like 11pm). So this morning after dropping Big Sis off at school (which I shouldnt have even been driving) I headed to the docs. Did some xrays, refused crutches and steroids and now Im home, waiting for the x rays results. This whole time I had lil Sis with me. What a giant headache. Doc says no classes for 2 whole weeks. This was like hearing I was dying. I am SO upset :(


Room to Inspire said...

I am sorry about your injury! I hope you are jumping around soon. I wanted to apologize for not getting back to you on my chairs in my family room. You had mentioned you liked the pattern - we got them years ago from Macy's Home Store. I hope you have a good weekend!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Girl you just can't catch a break can you? I'm so sorry you're hurt again. Listen to the Doc though so it doesn't get worse!!

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