Sunday, June 13, 2010

little this, little that.

This weekend has flown by! Friday Big Sis had her end of the year party at school and her teacher cried saying goodbye. So sad! They all made t shirts with their hands prints and names on them to remember each other. When we got home I asked Big Sis if she missed her friends yet, and she said "no, ill see them soon mom". Oh...excuse me!

Yesterday we had gymnastics and Big Sis did very well. She is mastering the low bar very nicely and can't wait for Dad to see. Lil Sis on the other used to being the bully (as you all know). Well she got her first dose of being bullied and she was NOT liking it. I just let it happen to give her a taste of her own medicine. Maybe itll help!

After gymnastics we had a pool party for Lil Sis bff Emily. They are in the gym nursery together everyday for about an hour and a half. Love. They swam all day, ate pizza, rocked out to Barney, sang and opened presents. Fun day over all.

Im spending today cleaning my whole house so it doesn't start to grow vegetables out of the cracks while Im gone. We are leaving tomorrow morning to go see Daddy!!!!!! Big Sis has been packing for days. I on the other hand...havent done a thing. This trip should be a blast. We are staying with my close friend MelB and her hubs and son who is Lil Sis' age. Hubs Grad is Tuesday. We plan to see the Marine Corps Museum, the monuments at DC and the Zoo. On our way back we are stopping at good Ole PI, it was 7 short years ago that I watched the love of my life receive his EGA there!(oooooorah!) and Lejeune to see our close friends who just had their first baby boy!! Not quite sure how the flight there or the drive back will go. My biggest concern (of course) is Lil Sis. To drug or not to drug?

Thanks for the comments from my followers who read the blog! Glad you love it!! Ill be back on Friday or Saturday!!! (or earlier if I piss Hubs off enough to drop me off in some random state and put my annoying ass on a plane. :p )

P.S. Thank you Thank you Thank you for all my blog awards....I PROMISE I will post them soon!!!

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Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

That is so exciting!!! Oh I can't wait to see pictures and read all about it! Have fun!!

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