Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Good and Bad

Hello! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Ours was good up until Sunday night. Friday, the hubs and I had a date night. We went to the movies (first time without kids in like 4 years) and saw Killers. Wicked Funny. Saturday we went to Big Sis gymnastics class. It was hubs first time seeing it so that was nice. We went to the mall, had lunch and did a little shopping. Sunday we hit Clearwater beach. My favvvvvvvvvvvorite! And no there was no oil...and the loser people standing there with their stupid signs yelling at us about "enjoy your beaches while you can" can go get a life. If they have such a brilliant idea about how to plug the damn hole...then go tell BP...not ME and my kids trying to enjoy the beach. Anyhoo...our friends and their kiddos joined us and we all had lunch at Crabby's. Then came the bad.

Lil Sis fell face first into the ground...hard. No hands to stop her fall. Just face on ground. It is unreal to me how much blood can come out of a mouth. I didnt know if her teeth were hurt...or there was a cut or what. Then blood started pouring from her nostrils too. Our poor baby. She has her checkup tomorrow so ill have Doc take a look. Her lip is like Angelina Jolie swollen and she won't eat. Every
time she eats or drinks the cut (or whatever it is) starts bleeding profusely again. She might need a stitch? I dont know. She woke up with bloody pj's and a bloody crib this morning. So sad. Ill update again tomorrow after her Appt. Poor kid gets shots too!!!


A Marine's Wife! said...

aw poor baby! but i'm glad you guys got a date night and that your beach is looking good!

Something Beautiful said...

awww the poor thing! I hope that the appt goes well and you can figure out what's going on. Yes, please keep us updated!

Glad you had a great date night. I want to see that movie real bad!

Mrs. Wifey said...

Oh poor darling. My daughter once had a small blood come out of her mouth when I brushed her teeth so hard. I have since softened my grip. She must feel miserable. Make sure you wipe her mouth with warm water to keep germs away...and be sure to give her some tylenol or motrin to ease the pain.

Glad there was a good and not just bad.

Musings Of An Army Wife

Lindsey and Co said...

Thanks ladies! I probably over reacted but seeing blood on my baby scared the crap out of me!
Mrs Wifey...I have been wiping her mouth out here and there...but I think it makes the cut open and bleed again??? Ill ask the doc tomorrow...thanks for the advice!

My kids mom said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, I hope you do not mind. We used to live in the Tampa area as well, my hubby worked with SoCom. We used to go to Clearwater beach a lot and I am so happy about the update and your report that there is no oil over there. Good luck and enjoy!

W/r from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Awww poor thing! I'll definitely remember to check back in tomorrow to see how it goes! It's great y'all got a date night and enjoyed the movie :) My hubby wants to see it too maybe we'll go this weekend since there's a 96! I hear our home beaches in Alabama haven't had too much oil either, my family went last week and saw a shark! haha I'm hoping the effect of the oil won't be too bad since the sharks are still alive and kickin!

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