Friday, April 30, 2010

MilSpouse Blog Hop

This week in blogland it's MilSpouse Blog Hop. It's a fun an easy way to find/read other military spouse blogs. You're supposed to give a brief bio and why you like to blog so here' goes! <~ Go there to add your blog!

I would be Lindsey, I'm 24 years old. I've been married to my amazing Marine for almost 6 years now and we have 2 daughters. Big Sis is 4 and Little Sis is 22 months. I'm originally from Massachusetts. We were stationed in Okianwa, Japan and have since PCS'd to Tampa. We are awaiting orders to our next journey! Every military family/spouse knows that time together as a family is precious and rare. I like to blog because it's a great way to keep family afar up to date with pictures and posts. It's also a great support system for when The Hubs is gone (which seems like all the time). Since we aren't at a Marine Corps base...there is NO support here. It's proved to make deployments a tad more difficult for sure. Thanks for following!! Don't forget to add your blog!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Escaping plotting and Squirrel Chasing

I've been feeling super exhausted lately. I'm taking classes 3 days a week at my gym and they are really high impact and it's kicking my BUTT! Doing my own workouts just wasnt paying off....I wasnt seeing the results I wanted. I work SO hard...I want results!!!! If an hour a day, 5 days a week at the gym doesnt give me results...I dont know what will. Done complaining.
The girls and I went to the park today for a bit before dinner and it was a pretty funny time (for me). Little Sis discovered squirrels! She chased them and chased them until she couldnt chase anymore. She would get so angry when they ran away and would cross her arms with her sassy little attitude. Then she found the locked gate. She even looked back at me to see if I was watching. I pretended like I she continued to try and mess with the lock. Big Sis came over and tried to pry the gate open. What a team. I had a good laugh and caught a few pics. Enjoy!

Plotting their escape. Big sis came over to help out. What great teamwork!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Goodbye Hubs!

Well the Hubs left yesterday morning. He is driving to VA for a course that will last until about mid June. When he is done, I will fly up there to spend a few days. Watch his lil graduation and visit with some friends who live nearby. Not sure if I will be driving back with him or not. I'm not a very good "road tripper". I know it's only a couple of months but I miss him so much already! He JUST got back from Afghanistan!! It's like his visit was a little tease. K, I'm done complaining about. This course will be excellent for him and hopefully will help get him promoted to Staff Sergeant in July!!!! In other news, Big Sis starts flag football next week and has a ballet recital at the end of May. Lots of fun!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

March of Dimes/ The Hubs' Birthday!

Well, it's official. The Hubs is no longer in his early 20's. He turned 26 today!!! I am SO happy he was able to spend his birthday with us. We had a GREAT day too! We started out with my race this morning, which had an amazing turn out of over 4,000 people! It wamrs my heart that so many people care about this organization. I raised a total of $330!!! (I earned tshirts for my team and a portfolio!!) A HUGEEEEEEEEE thanks to everyone who donated. I am so thanksful for good friends/family. I'll be hittin' ya up again next April ;) After the race we had breakfast and headed to the water park. I have to say the people that work there need a swift throat chop but other than that, we had a pleasant time. Big Sis even volunteered to go down the huge water slide. "That was totally wicked!"...were her thoughts after wards. It was so nice to just float down the lazy river (especially after waking up at 5...I NEVER wake up that early!). We all enjoyed a snickers bar ice cream cake and sang Happy Birthday. A great day for sure!
I am super sad that The hubs leaves tomorrow morning :( I feel like he just got home. I'll admit it...I'm pretty tired of saying goodbye to him. I am realllllly hoping after this he will stay around for a while. Well I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Enjoy the pics!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Having a snack


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dates, fishies, and the two cutest girls ever.

We've been having lots of fun since The Hubs has been home. He headed back to work this week but here are some pics from last week. We went to the Aquarium since they opened their new water play area. My kids are obsessed with playing in water!! We also did the Dolphin Encounter. We only saw 1 dolphin though. We also had a VERY rare date night. We went to our favorite restaurant and did a little shopping. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Sweet It Is

We're back! We spent and AWESOME little vaca on Little Gasparilla Island. It's about a 2 hour drive south of Tampa. It's only accessible by boat so we parked at the Marina and took a boat out to the island. There are no cars at all on the island. Just little dirt roads that people drive around on with their golf carts. The house came with a golf cart so we hauled all of our stuff that way. You have to bring EVERYTHING you need because there is nothing on the island but houses. No stores, no restaurants, I mean NOTHING! Crazy! Our house was soooooo cute!!! It was called "How Sweet It Is". It was RIGHT on the Gulf! The view from the living room and master bedroom were breath taking. We slept with out window open and listened to the waves crash! We collected a million shells, watched sun sets, swam, sunbathed, drove around in the golf cart (which the girls thought was HILARIOUS). Big Sis even drove! We saw a few snakes too, ewwww. The house had a huge screened in porch so Mike and I sat out there with a glass (or two) of wine and watched the millions of stars. It was the perfect little get away that we needed as a family since The Hubs' homecoming. Enjoy the pics!

How Sweet It Is

Big Porch!

Big Sis' bedroom

View from Living room

Living room

Little Sis being a loon.

on our way!

at the dock

snack time

drink time

going for a cruise

The Hub's Turtle

The Mama

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