Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hubs is Coming Home!!!

THE HUBS IS COMING HOME!!!!! AAAHHHH! I'm so excited! The Hubs will be coming home on Thursday night. The girls' and I made a poster today, it's super cute. It's kind of short notice and I have a crazy busy week but I couldn't be happier. He should be home for a couple of weeks before heading off for training in VA. I can't wait to be back in his arms!! Look forward to homecoming pics! A good friend of mine is coming with for moral support and to take some pics! What a good friend! Here are some pics The Hubs sent...enjoy.

The Hubs, Gunny P and SSgt S

The Hubs and Gunny p. "raising the satellite of Afghan" Very funny.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Sis' Birthday party!!!

Olivia had a great party!!!! We had some setbacks though. I went to the park this morning to reserve my table and they were all taken. Those bastards went at like 6:00 am to get those tables. GGRRR. Also, we were supposed to get rain at noon. I was so mad! So I went back to my car and cried for like 10 minutes. I finally gave up and went home and decided to have the party at my house. Now to inform my 20+ invited kids....SO I rushed around cleaning my house, getting a last minute bouncy house ( i called about 30 places) And then had to rush back to the park and put up a sign saying the party was moved. After pulling my hair out, everyone arrived and the party was great! Big Sis had so much fun with all (and I mean tons) of her friends. Enjoy the pics. Check out my youtube for videos.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Here are a couple of pics from the past few days. Big Sis' friend got a new kitten for her bithday and it's sooooooo cute!!! ALMOST makes me want one. Little Sis fell about 6.5 ft off of a playground thingy right on to her stomach. I run over frantic thinking she has internal bleeding and she gets up and dusts herself off all pissed off about it. Crazy kid. Hope everyone likes the new blog design! Thank MelB. She's awesome with this stuff. I almost threw my laptop out the window because I couldnt turn a color picture to black and white today. GGGRRR!! Thanks MelB!! Love ya :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Under Construction

Blog is under construction!! Bare with me (and MelB)!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dentist and Middle.

Today the girls had a dentist appointment. Big Sis did very well!! She had some xrays, a cleaning and a floride treatment. Little Sis...not so much. But to be expected from a 1 year old. Turns out she has a geographical tongue. No big deal...her taste buds go away and come back, so each time they come back they are really sensitive. The only negative part about it, is that some things will taste really spicy and burn her tongue. Other than that, they both did great and got a reward of a new fishy! Big Sis named him Middle. My blog is giving me some troubles so Ill post a few new pics later on. Have a great day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So I love motivational posters. I think they are hilarious. I came across some Marine Corps ones I found exceptionally hilarious. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lil bit about us.

This lil survery is going around the military wife web so I thought I would take it too. Fun to fill out! Hope you find it entertaining!

1. What are your middle names?
Earle (hahah!) and Nichole

2. How long have you been together?
9 years!!! Married for almost 6.

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating?
The night we met...we followed each other around like puppy dogs and were hooked right away.

4. Who asked who out?
I asked him if he wanted to go to a movie the day after we met.

5. How old are each of you?
He will be 26 next month and I'm 24. I honestly just had to think about how old I was. Sad.

6. Did you go to the same school?
Yup. Good Ole' Mfield High

7. Are you from the same home town?
I consider Mfield my hometown, but no...I was born in Oregeon

8. Who is the smartest?
The hubs, definitely.

9. Who majored in what?
I majored in baby making babies (mommy) and he majored in taking lives (USMC)

10. Who is the most sensitive?
The hubs...100%. I rarely show emotions.

11. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
We lived in Japan for 3 years. So that was a long ass trip.

12. Who has the worst temper?
Me, hubs has no temper.

13. How many children do you want?
We have two, and that's the cut off.

14. Who does the cooking?
I am a cooking queen. You name it, I can make it better than Maaathah.

15. Who is more social?
I am. I'll make friends with anyone. Hubs is reserved, takes him a while to come out of his shell.

16. Who is the neat freak?
Me for sure. Hubs is the type to throw his dirty socks ON TOP of the hamper.

17. Who is the most stubborn?
Neither of us are too stubborn.

18. Who wakes up earlier?
Well considering he's a lean mean Marine, he rises at 4:30 am just about every morning.

19. Where was your first date?
We went to the movies and saw "Dragonfly" and then to Uno's for dinner. He didn't kiss me goodnight.

20. Who has the bigger family?
I do, a brother and sister, and a million and half cousins. He has 1 brother and a few cousins.

21. Do you get flowers often?
No, I don't.

22. How do you spend the holidays?
I usually host the Holidays, and since we are away from family, I throw a big bash of some sort and drive myself insane.

23. Who is more jealous?
Thank God neither one of us are Jealous people. It's the ugliest characteristic out there.

24. How long did it take to get serious?
About a minute. He was totally in love with me :)

25. Who eats more?
He does, which make me mad because he still looks fabulous, I eat one m&m and my ass jiggles for a week.

26. What do you do for a living?
I'm a damn good mother and wife. And the Hubs saves the world.

27. Who does the laundry?
I do all of it.

28. Who's better with the computer?
Hubs...I suck at anything electronic

29. Who drives when you are together?
both of us, we take turns I guess.

30. What is your song?
We actually don't have one. We eloped so no wedding song. Although many songs make me think of him.

Fallen Marine

Us Marine wives stick together, weather we are friends in real life, friends through blogs, or facebook or support groups. We really feel connected even though sometimes, we haven't met. We share our ups and down and support each other through the hardest times. I follow a blog of another Marine wife over at A Little Pink in a World of Camo, made a post this week with every military wife's worst fear. Her husband, Cpl Jonathon Daniel Porto died in Afghanistan on March 14th. He leaves behind his young wife and 9 week old daughter that he never got a chance to meet and hold. He is from Florida and his service will be held in St Pete. I am hoping to attend but will see how things play out. Please pray for his young wife and daughter. This hits SO close to home for me, and I can't imagine what they are going through right now.

It's only a few more weeks until Mike is coming home. I can't wait to see my daughters' little faces light up when they see him. This deployment is kicking my butt and I need my husband back!!! I'm feeling pretty selfish right now. Come back Mike!!!! I love you!

Friday, March 19, 2010

LC Photography

I had the girls pictures taken by a local photographer yesterday. Here is a preview. Every parent thinks they have the most beautiful kids in the world....and I'm one of those parents. I truly believe The Hubs and I have the two most beautiful little girls in the whole world. Stay tuned for the rest of the photos.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glad today is over.

Today was ridiculously frustrating. You know those days where all the little things just ad up? Yeah...one of thoseeeeeeeeee day. I woke up very late. Big Sis was 6 minutes late to school. I HATE being late. I didn't get in a very good workout at the gym. Was late to dance class. I tried taking pics of the girls for my new blog design. EPIC fail. This was the best picture I got. UGH!
Nice huh?

I honestly don't think I ask for very much....tell me if I'm wrong.
I want 1. My husband to come home
2. The Hubs to send me a picture of himself for Big Sis' daddy doll. Been waiting a week.
3. Little Sis to act like a human, not a rabid beast.
4. Daylight savings to go away and never come back.

Those are all reasonable things right??????? Good day.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Proud of Big Sis

Soooooo my account was disabled for violating terms of use. HHHhhhMMmm?! What did I do this time? Which one of you reported me?! *points* Probably my stalker. Same reason I deleted my free webs. Looks like they found me! Anyhoo....I was able to login finally, so we're good.

Today we were at the mall (ew) trying to get oil change (failed) and trying to do portraits (failed) so I said what the hell and got us some pretzels. We sat on the little fountain and ate our pretzels when Big Sis asked for money to throw in the fountain. I gave her a penny and told her she had to make a wish first. She thought for a minute and tossed in the penny. Being the nosy mom I am, I asked what she wish for and can you guess? Yup...she said "for daddy to come home". One of my proudest moments. Love that kid.

One of my favorite pics of the two of them.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Longest Day Ever

Not a bad day, just soooo long. I HATE daylight savings. It needs to go to hell. It really messes up my entire day! I havent slept in days...almost a full week. I get about an hour or two of sleep per night and it's killin' me. Stress related I'm sure...I miss my husband! Anyhoo, we had fun today. We ran a couple of erands then hit the Manatee Center. Love that place! Lots of manatees today and Sophia made a new little friend, Gavin. Look out, Wes! After that we came home and played in the water. After thatttttt, we...I mean *I*...cleaned out the garage. DUN DUN DUN! It took me almost 3 hours, ugh! Looks good though and I can get to stuff much easier. I let the girls run around in the front yard and get dirty. Fun! I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Glamorous, Liv.

I put her window down in the car and she laughs hysterically. I reached around while I was driving today and snapped a few pics.
She looks sooooo pretty here!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

First TeeBall Game

Liv had her first Tee Ball game this morning. It was SO funny. The kids did awesome and learned pretty fast. Liv caught the ball twice too! It was the cutest thing I've seen all week for sure. Enjoy our pics.

Me and #3

Me and the Loaf

Go #3!

Go Tigers!

Running to 3rd base! Go Livy!!

As most of you know, since I'm invading your facebooks and emails, I am doing the March for Babies on April 24th. I am SO excited to do this walk. Mike and I donate a small amount to at least one organization per month but the March of Dimes hits SO close to home for us. Please take a sec out of your weekend to check out my page. Thanks for the Supoort!!!
(you can get the link to the right ~~~>)

Friday, March 12, 2010

A sign for Dad

We had another round of thunderstorms here today. Last night Liv was terrified. The thunder was sooooo loud she was shaking and begging to sleep in my bed. I caved. I was debating weather or not to send her to school since she'd been up ALL night. She went to school. She came home asking to make Daddy a picture. She asked me "how do you make I miss you???" Soooo cute! She made this sign for him...gotta work on those S's Liv. Don't worry, he'll be home soon!!

Speaking of Daddy, he sent me these pics today. Not very exciting, but I thought I would post them anyway. His Sgt's course is going to be in VA super close to our good friends Kurt and Mel. I'm not sure what I'm more excited about...Seeing Mike graduate or seeing Kurt and Mel, and of course Mr Wes - Sophia's future husband. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well hello there, good lookin' ;)

Little kids asking for money and water.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rainy Day

Blogging is not at the top of my list lately, it's a busy month for us. I'm in the midst of planning Liv's birthday party, getting ready for Mike to come home (hopefully), and have 11, count em', 11 birthdays this month!!! Crazy! Liv was home from school today and asked to go to the mall, I agreed because the weather is nasty, not because I have a 20% off Gymbo coupon ;D

Today I found Liv "cutting her eyebrows" with tweezers. She's crazy!

This dress is crazy enough, it fit Sophia's personality perfectly.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun filled Day

We had a great day today! Started off with a soccer game followed by happy face pancakes. Took a nice long nap then headed to Lithia Springs. It's such a beautiful park for a beautiful day! We spent about 3 hours there and headed to DQ for dinner. We had so much fun with our friends!

Ella and Sophia are bff's and could totally pass as twins.

Olivia collected lots of pine cones with Arianna's help. We will make bird feeders later this week.

Soph being nice and not causing trouble for once!!! WOW!

The gang at Dairy Queen. Ella, Ethan, Daniel, Isaac, Sophia (I think she is yelling at everyone here), Olivia and Arianna. What a bunch of awesome kids.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm still alive.

I haven't blogged in a while! Things have been a little nutty here. All is well though. And we have some good news! Mike will be returning to the states next month!!! He will be home for a week or so then heading to VA for Sergeants Course. He will return back to Tampa in June. Although he won't be home, he will be out of a combat zone so I am thrilled. Let's hope this plan works out!! The girls are both doing fine. Liv has her 4 year old checkup at the doctors coming up. And Sophia has her first dentist appt too. That should be....interesting.....enjoy the pics!

Today was Cat in the Hat Day at school to celebrate Dr. Sues' Birthday. He's 106!

A few minutes after Olivia got home with her cute bow and hat...Sophia ripped up the bow and stepped on the hat. (Are you surprised? I'm not!) Here is Liv being mad! We taped it back together and all is forgiven.

Liv took a picture of Soph and I...doesn't she look glamorous?

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