Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Proud of Big Sis

Soooooo my account was disabled for violating terms of use. HHHhhhMMmm?! What did I do this time? Which one of you reported me?! *points* Probably my stalker. Same reason I deleted my free webs. Looks like they found me! Anyhoo....I was able to login finally, so we're good.

Today we were at the mall (ew) trying to get oil change (failed) and trying to do portraits (failed) so I said what the hell and got us some pretzels. We sat on the little fountain and ate our pretzels when Big Sis asked for money to throw in the fountain. I gave her a penny and told her she had to make a wish first. She thought for a minute and tossed in the penny. Being the nosy mom I am, I asked what she wish for and can you guess? Yup...she said "for daddy to come home". One of my proudest moments. Love that kid.

One of my favorite pics of the two of them.

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