Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm still alive.

I haven't blogged in a while! Things have been a little nutty here. All is well though. And we have some good news! Mike will be returning to the states next month!!! He will be home for a week or so then heading to VA for Sergeants Course. He will return back to Tampa in June. Although he won't be home, he will be out of a combat zone so I am thrilled. Let's hope this plan works out!! The girls are both doing fine. Liv has her 4 year old checkup at the doctors coming up. And Sophia has her first dentist appt too. That should be....interesting.....enjoy the pics!

Today was Cat in the Hat Day at school to celebrate Dr. Sues' Birthday. He's 106!

A few minutes after Olivia got home with her cute bow and hat...Sophia ripped up the bow and stepped on the hat. (Are you surprised? I'm not!) Here is Liv being mad! We taped it back together and all is forgiven.

Liv took a picture of Soph and I...doesn't she look glamorous?

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Kurtis and Melissa said...

LOVE the cowgirl boots Sophia. I know I wouldnt want to make Olivia mad, I'll be sure to not ever rip a bow off of her, ever...:-)

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