Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glad today is over.

Today was ridiculously frustrating. You know those days where all the little things just ad up? of thoseeeeeeeeee day. I woke up very late. Big Sis was 6 minutes late to school. I HATE being late. I didn't get in a very good workout at the gym. Was late to dance class. I tried taking pics of the girls for my new blog design. EPIC fail. This was the best picture I got. UGH!
Nice huh?

I honestly don't think I ask for very much....tell me if I'm wrong.
I want 1. My husband to come home
2. The Hubs to send me a picture of himself for Big Sis' daddy doll. Been waiting a week.
3. Little Sis to act like a human, not a rabid beast.
4. Daylight savings to go away and never come back.

Those are all reasonable things right??????? Good day.

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