Sunday, March 14, 2010

Longest Day Ever

Not a bad day, just soooo long. I HATE daylight savings. It needs to go to hell. It really messes up my entire day! I havent slept in days...almost a full week. I get about an hour or two of sleep per night and it's killin' me. Stress related I'm sure...I miss my husband! Anyhoo, we had fun today. We ran a couple of erands then hit the Manatee Center. Love that place! Lots of manatees today and Sophia made a new little friend, Gavin. Look out, Wes! After that we came home and played in the water. After thatttttt, we...I mean *I*...cleaned out the garage. DUN DUN DUN! It took me almost 3 hours, ugh! Looks good though and I can get to stuff much easier. I let the girls run around in the front yard and get dirty. Fun! I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Glamorous, Liv.

I put her window down in the car and she laughs hysterically. I reached around while I was driving today and snapped a few pics.
She looks sooooo pretty here!

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