Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ballet Recital, March for babies, and Bento!

Happy Sunday everyone! Once again I am playing catch up. Things will slow down once summer gets here but as of right now, I dont have a minute to breathe, let alone blog.

Lil Sis had her ballet recital on Saturday. It was probably one of the cutest things EVER! I have some video but Ive never had any luck uploading videos to my blog.


Saturday morning was also the March of Dimes walk! It was super windy and rainy but the show went on. It was REALLY rough on the kids though. They had the walk (4 miles) on one of the roughest running paths around here. Tons of steep hills. Not fun in the rain and wind. I was pretty nervous to talk on stage in front of 1,000 people but I think I did ok. I cut my speech really short because everyone wanted to get started. I am super excited that I raised $735!!! We were given a beautiful plaque thanking us for being the Ambassador family. It was so nice!!! Despite the wind and rain, we had a great time and Big Sis always loves the opportunity to be in the spot lite! The reporters from base took some pictures but have not sent them to me. Ill post them as soon as I get them!

Today, Hubs is running the Ayahashi road race 10k. Im staying home with the kids and cooking for the week and getting some other things done (like blogging, hehehe). I hope he takes some pictures!! Here is a picture from my 10k last month!

In other news, I have been dying to post my bento pictures! I pack Big Sis' school lunch everyday. A friend of mine started to pack some fun lunches for her son, so I jumped on board. I love making fun things for her. I can just picture her face when she opens her lunch everyday and sees such fun food. Of course I have days where I dont have time to pack super cool stuff, but most of the time, I set aside the 10 minutes to make something fun. Here are some pictures of past lunches.

This Bento is a ham and cheese sandwhich, motza cheese & pepperoni picks, strawberries, gogurt and juice box. Packed in a double decker piggy bento box.

This Bento is Turkey and cheese sandwhich in wonder bread holder, goldfish for snack in a hostess cupcake container, motza cheese &pepperoni picks in a froggy bento box. with Gatorade.

This Bento is peanut butter and grape jelly hearts, butterfly crackers with laughing cow swiss cheese, a blueberry muffin pudding cup and a squeeze it. Packed in old tupperware lol. Put together in a toy story lunch box. (I am having trouble finding containers that fit in this!! Ideas??)

This Bento is chicken noodle soup in a Toy Story thermos, bread with butter, Japanese soup crackers, mandarin oranges. Packed in Toy Story lunch box.

This Bento is a blueberry bagel with cream cheese in a froggy bento box, strawberries and a fruit punch organic juice box.

This Bento is mini pancakes with a side of syrup, sausage with a heart pick, gogurt, and orange juice, packed in a 100Y store bento box.

This Bento is a peanut butter and jelly happy face, fruit snack, strawberries, gogrut, fruit punch, packed in 100Y store bento.

This Bento is spaghetti, salad with ranch, (froggy bento box), pineapples chunks, and apple juice box.

This Bento is two tuplip ham and cheese sandwiches with cloud shaped clouds in frog bento box, in the pink box is a rice ball with flowers, and an assortment of veggies with ranch and a chicken pick, gogurt and a bottle of water.

Stay tuned for more Bentos!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March for Babies

It's that time of year! The March for Babies is coming up soon here in Okinawa! I am SO excited to announce that our family was chosen to represent the Okinawa Chapter as the Ambassador Family!! Here is a link to my personal fundraising page. Please take a minute and a few dollars for Team Olivia. This is our familiy's 3rd year participating in the March for Babies and Olivia is really excited this year!! Thanks everyone!!

Stay tuned for a post about my run in the Okinawa Marathon!

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