Friday, June 11, 2010

comment tutorial

Hello everyone! First off...I want to say how happy it makes me to know that I have readers. I am NOT by any means fishing for compliments (trust me, I already know my kids are cute). I have enough hits and followers to know that people are reading. But I love comments too! I originally started this blog to keep family and friends far away updated, and help them feel a little closer by posting almost daily. Im not sure everyone knows how much work it is to keep a blog going. It takes a lot of time! And maybe people forget I'm a single mom most of the time. I would much rather sit my butt on the couch and watch House Hunters than upload/edit/post pictures. If you are going to view (and take pictures) from my blog...let me know you like it or appreciate it or comment every now and then. I don't want to make the blog private (which means only my followers and people i chose can see) but I dont want stalkers either. Maybe some not so computer savvy simply dont know how to leave a comment! Here is a little help for those people:

1. At the bottom of each post under the last picture or last paragraph youll see a "comment" link. Click on that
2.On the right hand side youll see a box that says "leave your comment" Simply type in your comment there.
3. When you are finished typing your comment, below the comment box youll see "chose an identity. If you already have a blog, you chose your google account.
4. If you are someone with a blog, click "name/url" All you have to do is type in your name.
5. After you chose your identity, click on the orange button that says "publish your comment....and YOURE DONE!

How easy is that?!

Thank you to my followers/commenters... I love reading your blogs and comments everyday :)


A Marine's Wife! said...

UGH. stealing pictures..not cool!!

Jenifer said...

It drives me nuts that people dont leave comments on my blog either! I really enjoy your blog. It does take alot to keep it up. Believe me I get that. I always have good intentions but with 4 girls and a deployed hubby its Hard to keep up! Thanks for sharing with us :)

Dianne Morse said...
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Nikkie said...

Haha my old blog had a lot of followers and very few comments. Always drove me crazy!

Btw, I made my old blog private and created a new one that is shockingly similar, just keeps names and some other personal things out. feel free to follow!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Girl I am with you! I love my readers but I try really hard to leave comments on the ones I read so they are aware and feel appreciated. Blogging takes so much time and energy so you're right in wanting some people to just give a little back :) I LOVE your blog.

The Sawyer Bunch said...

Hey! I'm a new follower! I gave you an award on my blog :)

PS.. I will start to comment more :)

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