Thursday, June 10, 2010


We enjoyed a fun playdate, with a great turnout, at the aquarium today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my annual passes. Such a fun, FREE day. Besides the cost of lunch. Kids had a great time with friends and mommies had a great time too. Although we agreed next time we go's going to involve a few drinks, and no children. Enjoy pics!

ALSO...Hubs had his last graded event in Sgt's Course yesterday so he's done! Tomorrow is mess night, Monday is grad practice and Tuesday is grad! Yay! AND my super smart man finished top 5 in his class of 100 guys! Cant wait to see him!

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Anonymous said...

Cute aquarium pictures! and tell your hubs congrats on being top 5! i know you missed him and can't wait for him to be home! Loving reading your blog so far and can't wait for the future posts!

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