Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stress Strikes Again

I'm a tad stressed out today. My kids just had an off day and decided it was a great idea to cry most of the day...which they usually don't do, so when they do...It drives me insane. I had a great workout this morning but my muscles are soooo tense. I scheduled a massage for this weekend. I kind of feel guilty for doing it but it's like medically necessary at this point! Im pushing my body so hard and its pushing back.

On a more serious note...I love being a military wife. But I'm getting frustrated. As most of you know...the hubs is gone about 90% of the time. All I wanted to do tonight was go to Zumba with my friends but babysitter was busy. If we were a normal family...I could have gone. Seems silly to be mad about it now that I am writing it. The hubs can't decide if he wants to get out of the Marine Corps or not. It's time to decide and I dont like not knowing. It's probably the biggest decision we will ever make in our lives and it will change things drastically so obviously it's not just a simple yes or no. We talk about it every time we are on the phone together. Just can't decide. If he stays in...thats it...he's a lifer. No turning back after 13 years in. If he gets out..where do we want to live? Decisions, Decisions. Maybe if he ever gets to come home long enough to have a conversation...we can figure it out. He is having a boys night out tonight, and I'm happy he is relieving stress but a tad jealous I can't go out too. I get alone the gym every morning...where i am pouring sweat and working my ass off. Not exactly relaxing (even though I love it). After my massage though...Im sure Ill be a happy camper :)

Thanks for reading...I feel like all I've been doing lately is bitching about something or other. My attitude will improve soon, don't worry.


Anonymous said...

I hope y'all can reach that tough decision (to get out or not?) together. It's definitely a hard one, and probably harder for them knowing the whole family has poured so much into their career. Hope it all works out. And kudos on the working out, I need your dedication :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

We had a similar conversation last night. About our lives, what Mr. wants to do, and not getting out of the Mil but whether to switch branches. Its a tough way to live, 90 percent apart from your love, having to be so alone and so in love at the same time.

Lighter note: Yay for kicking butt into shape! I'm working on it too. I have been dying for a massage. I have a free one but the catch is its for a place in AZ. Booo.

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