Thursday, May 27, 2010

my baby is back! (ipod, not husband) ahahahaha

So all Big Sis has been talking about is her dad. She has a huge list of stuff she wants to do when he gets back..camping, fishing, beach house, movies, bowling. The list goes on. I told her a while back we were going on an airplane to see him. Then I felt really bad when I told her we werent going anymore (because her sister is a bit hard to handle in public) and that we would just let daddy come to us. She begged and cried and I gave in. We will be heading to VA to see daddy in 18 days yay!!! The girls just CANT wait to see him. Until then I will be pushing my badass self into shape and trying desperately to get Lil Sis to act like a human and not a rabid beast. I can see it now....being kicked off an airplane because my almost 2 year old screams "BOMB!!!". Yes...she really is like that. I havent talked to hubs in a while since he's been so busy with the course. This week he's in the field with no phone. Miss my Hubs! :( and the best new of all I FOUND MY IPOD!!!!!!!! aaahhhh I am sooooo excited! It was in my car (embarrassed). I swear to God I looked a thousand times. Big sis must have hid it. Bad news ; I lost my sunglasses. AHAHAHA. Shutup.

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