Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!

Hello!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! I know we did! I spent Christmas Eve baking and baking and baking! I actually counted...I made over 200 cookies, truffles, 20 mini cheesecakes and one large one. Chocolate covered pretzels, Christmas bark, and a few other goodies. Neighbors, family and friends enjoyed all the desserts and it was well worth all the mess in my kitchen!

The girls woke up Christmas morning and were very excited to see that Santa stopped at our house. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful gifts! I got lots of new Kitchen accessories and Mike got a new Ipod Touch! It will really come in handy when he heads back to Afghanistan next month.

Enjoy the pics....We set up the Polar express and then had all the dinosaurs invade. Spike (green dino) got hungry and ate some reindeer. The girls thought it was hilarious to run over some reindeer too....Mikes idea of course. Christmas Day we went up North to see some family friends. Then headed back down to Tampa to The Powells house. Phuong made a HUGE feast of turkey, pork and all the fixins. It was SO yummy! We played games and exchanged gifts. What a great night!!

Cookies for Santa!! (and a truffle for him too!)

New Polar Express Train! Thanks Mema and Papa!

Poor Reindeer!

Spike got hungry, those reindeer didn't stand a chance.

Dino's taking over Polar Express!!


MorseFamily said...

Awesome pics we took! Love Mike.

Kurtis and Melissa said...

I want a sprinkle muffin!! Love the pics, so glad you had a great Christmas!

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