Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Story of Cynthia

The story of Cynthia:

Olivia got Cynthia (aka Tata) when she was 4 months old from my mom. Mike named her randomly and it stuck. It was love at first sight. She started carrying her around in her mouth until she could walk. She was there through hospital stays, birthdays, deployments, first day of school and everything in between. Liv will be 4 very soon and Cynthia is still with her nearly every moment of everyday. We have gone through several. The first picture is her very first one. She lost her and a very generous mom from one of my mommygroups sent me another one. After that I started buying them on ebay.

As most of you know, Olivia lost Cynthia last week and it was a very tough couple of days. Thank God I found her!!!! I tried giving her one of the replacemnts (normally 2 bucks at Walmart but they stopped selling them and I pay $15 on Ebay.) but she knows the difference now a days. Here are some pics throughout the days of Cynthia. In each and every pic...Cynthia is somewhere! I was going through pics and its so easy to put a little blog like this together because she is in every picture!!! Too funny! Cynthia is looking pretty rough!!!!

Olivia loves every craft on the planet. The Powell Family got her this awesome art easel for Christmas. I wasn't feeling too well today so I set this up with some markers and paint and it kept her busy for almost 2 hours! And it matches her table from Nanny perfectly! Go Liv!

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Kurtis and Melissa said...

That is too cute! what a great series of photos. Cynthia, thanks for being such a great friend to Livy:-)

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