Thursday, January 28, 2010

Park Sneaking

This afternoon we enjoyed some relaxation at the park. I always sneak into this park in the subdivision next to us. The moms are so possessive of this park! They always ask me which phase I live in and I'm always like "umm...over there (point)" I think I was busted today though. Time to find a new park. Anyway, the kids had fun and I snapped a few pics.

The scenery at this park is soooo nice. Lots of wildlife and such pretty water. It's not one of those nasty run off "ponds" around here. It's an actual lake. Love it!

Sophia just gets cuter and cuter everyday!

My big girl is getting so mature! I can't believe she is almost 4!! I feel old.

Sophia gazing at the birds flying overhead. She was quiet for about 12 whole seconds!!

It was a fun day, and we only suffered one injury!


Kurtis and Melissa said...

Is that a legitimate pout? If not Livy sure can act! The first pic of Sophia looks a lot like Livy. Looks like a fun day, you're such a rebel Mom:-)

lori said...

omg LInz i love the pics they are sooooo cute love you miss you all very much. Love Mom

Lindsey and Co said...

LOL Melis...yeah...I'm a total badass. Livy was acting. Her booboo hurt but I told her to give me a sadface.

I miss you too Mom, that's why you should come visit!!!!

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