Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sophia is 18 months!

I feel so silly for forgetting to post about Sophia's checkup!!!!

Miss Sophia had her 18 month checkup yesterday.
She is in the 90th % for height and 30th % for weight.
It looks like she is going to be tall like her big sis!

She is doing fantastic with her speech and development, so
that's great news! A tiny bit of bad news is she has some sort of
skin condition that hasn't been diagnosed. I am trying to get her
a referral to a dermatologist but our insurance makes it tough.

She gets these big red blotches on her skin that spread rather quickly,
she itches them and they open up and blister. Ive tried band aids but she
just rips them off. The sores go away after a few days but they leave an ugly scar!
My poor baby!! : ( Hopefully we will figure something out soon!!

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