Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun with Fish

We went to The Florida Aquarium today. We've been loads of time and it's always fun. They have a lot of exhibits and lots of hands on stuff for kids. And we all know...Isaac and Olivia love to touch EVERYTHING. Soph was pretty quiet as she just took in all the millions of fishies.

I heard from Mike today. He's doing ok. Sounded pretty tired. They are working some long hours but he was optimistic. Deployments are tough...but they really make you appreciate one another and I am already counting the days until he comes home!! Miss you Mike!!!

Yes, she still has her paci. We're working on it. Keep your comments to yourself :)
The beautiful Ms Phuong and her "other" Child.

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Wesley's Grammy said...

Is this the one thats in Bradenton or in that area?
Love the blog and all the cute pics of the girls. Their bathroom turned out very pretty.

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