Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beware of the Foot!

Check out my foot!!! I suffered a couch injury on Saturday and thought I broke my toe. Now I am thinking its more that bone that skinny bone that connects the toe (proximal phalanx). WHICHEVER bone it is...it freakin hurts!!! The swelling is working its way down my foot. I still havent gone to the docs...Have I mentioned I hate the docs?? OUCH!!!!


Kurtis and Melissa said...

Even broken, you foot is so cute. If I had the same whack your foot did I probably would have broken the couch with my huge feet.:-)

Caroline and Greg said...

Hey Linds, You might have broken your baby toe but you might have broken your 5th metatarsal (that's one of the long bones in your foot before your toes). Don't worry about the bruising and swelling - it can last for weeks and travel throughout the foot. I know it's silly to say with 2 little ones at home - but if you can elevate your foot, the more the better. I would go to the docs to get an xray. They can then at least give you a boot or a ortho shoe/sandal to wear to make it feel a little more stable. Anyway, I'm sorry about your blue foot! :) Keep me posted.

Wesley's Grammy said...

Ouch that looks so sore. Did you go to the Dr. and find out whats wrong?

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