Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ok iPhone peeps... Is there an app for blogger? I hope so because blogging from my phones browser is a pain in the ass! Anyhow, I know of 3 or 4 milwife bloggers on Okinawa. I'm organizing a lunch for bloggers of Okinawa. Please email me at if you would like to attend. Super casual! Bring a friend I'd you'd like, kids are welcome also. I have no idea what anyones schedule is like so please include that information in your email. Looking forward to this!!

I am off to start list making. Am I crazy for inviting my husbands entire unit (43 Marines plus their families) to my house for Easter dinner? Perhaps. By the way, I am now a crazy coupon lady! Last week I saved 75 dollars in coupons at the commissary! Booya!

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Nicole said...

$75?! HOLY CRAP! And I thought I was good at couponing!

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