Sunday, April 17, 2011

House Pictures, Part Two

Today is the upstairs eddition. I took some pictures of the Master bedroom/bathroom and the playroom.

Here is the girls' playroom. I really like how it came together. I hate the look of toys in kids' rooms for some reason. They havent played much in here yet because the weather is so nice I kick them out to the backyard. This will be so great for days when its too hot to play outside. I had almost everything. I purchased the shelving from Naval Kadena and the curtains and baskets from Nitori.

I LOVE these curtains!

Here is our Master. Very simple and neutral. We didnt have a single thing for our bedroom because of the weight limit, our Cal King set was way too heavy. We purchased this set on sale from Foster Furniture. Curtains from Nitori and Lamps from Foster as well.

Another View

Master Bathroom complete with a space ship shower. The doors close around you and it has like 20 jets from all different directions. Quite interesting.

The Jumbo tub that the kids swim in like fish

Another view of master bath

This is the view from our Master bedroom deck. Our friends call it the "party deck" although we dont really "party" It overlooks the water and is gorgeous to wake up to. I should have taken pics on a prettier day. It rained all day today!

Well thats most of the upstairs. I left out the girls' room because its not yet finished. Hopefully sometime this week I will get to take the rest of the pictures of those house. I still have the living room, girls' room, and backyard.

Thanks to my bestie Melissa who made me a new header even though she is going to have a baby any day! She always finds time for me :)

I also have a bunch of pictures from the Zoo, Fruitlands Farm, and Pineapple Winery. Ill save those for the next rainy day!! Hope you all had a great weekend. Im off to spend my Gymbucks before they expire!!


Nicole Marie said...

Love your room! And that shower looks intense. Lol. Great house, and great views!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the peek!
It looks like you are gutting things quite put together.

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