Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mil Spouse Friday Fill In

1. Have you and your spouse agreed to live in separate locations (a geographical bachelor tour) knowing that the short-term inconvenience would have long-term benefits for your family? How did it work for you?

Our first year of marriage, hubs was stationed overseas. I didnt really have a choice in the matter but it definitely made us a stronger couple. We made it work the best we could. I worked full time to keep myself busy and save money. He called as much as he could and I went to visit him twice. This was while he was in Japan.

2. What is your favorite thing about being a MilSpouse?
Traveling is a huge perk. Meeting so many great friends is way up there on the list. I love a lot of things about it.

3. If you could still have your spouse/significant other and your family, but take the military life out of it…would you?
I like the military lifestyle....but no matter what my husbands job was, we would still be a strong family unit.

4. What have your homecoming experiences been like after a year long tour of separation?
It was a huge relief that it was finally over and we could finally be together. A year is a long time, and people change in a year. We were both nervous and unsure of what to expect I think. But we picked up right where we left off.

5. If you have a child(ren) why you chose their name(s)? If not, why you would name your child something?

We picked their names at the hospital when they were born. We picked them together and our oldest's middle name is my mothers middle name. Other than that, all original.

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