Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Im back for real!

AAHHH, Internet! After 2 months, I finally have internet again. I logged on and didnt even know where to start!

Luckily I was able to blog a bit from my phone. Which bring me to phones. I hate to do the whole "when I was here last time" because Im sure it gets annoying BUT!!! When I was here last time, everyone had a basic flip, prepaid cell phone. No one called (unless it was an emergency), texted or even THOUGHT about having internet on their phones. When we got here and saw iphones were out and totally enabaled with smart phone capabilities, I was thrilled. Its a huge breakthrough here. I know it sounds lame but when you are out in the middle of Oki-no-where, you just pull out your Kanji App or GPS App and is good. Sooooooo to my point...Oki friends...stop bitching about how "slow" your iphone is. Stop bitching that it doesnt do every single thing your phone in the states did, You are LUCKY to have a smart phone in the first place!

Next! Living in Tampa, we were so disconnected from the Military lifestyle (aside from all the deloyments). But we lived 45 minutes from base, I had maybe 2 military wife friends and never shopped at the commissary or PX. I knew being back in Okinawa would be...different. I totally forgot how "motivated" this island is. You dont have a friend, unless she is a military wife. Your kids dont have friends, unless they are military brats. Everything and anything you do, is military related. Which is fine, Im proud that my husband is a Marine. I guess Im just saying that its a tad overwhelming being forced to surround ourselves with it all. I do as many things as I can off base though. We live off base, Im looking for off base schools for the girls, Ive found an off base ballet school, I do a lot of shopping off base too. Although I do love shopping at the commissary here because of all the money I save! I dont know the reason, but base life just isnt for me. I do like getting involved and volunteering with the unit and making myself available for help or advice for the younger Marines and their wives. I made my MCCS profile to start job hunting, but was told there are about 30 Zumba instructors in front of me and that I should look for other options.

We gave in and got cable off base. If you want to call it that...its 9 channels and 2 of those are sports so they dont count in my book! It's perfectly fine with me though. If you saw the view from my house, you would understand. Sitting on my patio with a book while the girls play in the yard overlooking the beach is PERFECTLY fine with me!!

I didnt imagine it would take this long to get settled but hey, let face it, the genius' at IPAC are on my shitlist. We were in TLF so long that when we finally got in a house and got our shipment (which only took 2 months!!! Awesome!) I spent 3 solid days and nights unpacking and organizing. We sent all the living room stuff, which all arrived broken. Who brakes a couch?? There is a nail hole right through the top of my entertainment center and the bookshelves are all scratched up. I can claim it of course though. We bought some stuff new (bedroom), got some government stuff (girls beds) and got some from yard sales (dining room) Its coming together very nicely. I feel so lucky to have landed this house. Its far away from most Americans (we have an identical house right next to ours, with the best neighbors anyone could ask for) but other than that, its trees and beach and mountains. Although the neighbors are probably wondering why we live here. We are about 15 years younger and enlisted. So to pay the same amount for rent rises a lot of questions.

If you have stuck around to read this whole post, as jumbled as it was, thanks, Cause I really felt like rambling. I am GOING to take pictures today, I promise. Wait until you see my spaceship shower! Ive read back for the most part on all of your blog post, so I feel pretty caught up. Be sure to check back for pics!! The Okinawa Military Wife Bloggers Meetup has 4 girls so far. Cant wait!! If you are in Okinawa and would like to attend, please email me at


Kara said...

I don't mind being surrounded by the military, but I love it off base! We do have American neighbors, but there is so much to explore where we are. I always lived close to base in the states, but was never that involved. I never want to live on base again though!

Lindsey and Co said...

After we left Oki the first time, I said we would never live on base again. Too much Drama!!!

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