Thursday, April 14, 2011

House Pictures, Part One

I will do the house blog in parts because It's a lot and honestly, I dont feel like doing it all right now. BUT I promised I would take some pictures tonight.

We live wayyyy North on the Island. Between Camp Courtney and Camp Hansen. It's nice because if you are standing in the front of our house, you see mountains and if you stand on the side, you see trees. The best part? The backyard. It faces the beautiful beach with that aqua crystal clear water.

I started our with the front of the house. Here is the outside. Having a garage here is sooooooo rare, I LOVE it because we had a large garage in Tampa. I thought I would definitely have to give that up. SCORE!

Here is the dining room. Its directly off the kitchen, toward the back of those house. It has a big window and a sliding glass door out to the back yard. So while we eat, we have an amazing view of the ocean. We had to leave all of our kitchen furniture because of the lame weight limit. So I got this stuff from yard sales. First I got the beautiful book case (which I display all of my glass vases and urns) for $40!!! A steal for sure. Then I found this pub height table and chairs that matches perfectly for $75. Cant beat that!!

Kitchen View 1. I love my kitchen. Again I was sure I would have to deal with little storage living off base but got super lucky with the kitchen. Most Okinawan houses have VERY little storage. And hardly ever a pantry. I should take a picture with the pantry open to show how big it is. IN LOVE!

Kitchen View 2. Obviously the rest of the kitchen. The ONLY single complaint I have about this kitchen is that there are no outlets. When I say no outlets I mean it. Ok, fine. There is ONE. See the plant in the corner? its hiding the wires from my iLuv. That is THE ONLY outlet. I plug my microwave in my using an extension cord going all the way across the kitchen. No big deal. I guess.

Laundry room. Again a huge privilege here. Okinawans hang dry their clothes outside but our house came with a dryer. Yes, that tiny thing is a dryer. Needless to say, I hang dry my clothes too. The base was nice enough to loan me a washer. There is door in there that leads to a giant bathtub. I forgot to take a picture of that.

The downstairs half bath. This is the only room that actually looks "Japanese" The tiny sink. Its barley big enough for me to wash my hands in. Isnt it cute??? I used all the same decor from my last houses' half bath. Perfect!

And thats half of the downstairs!! I have so much more to show. The playroom is finished so Ill be posting pics of that tomorrow hopefully. The master bedroom is ALMOST done, I need lamps! They complete the room! And the girls bedroom is finished except the custom curtains havent come in yet. Yes custom, and they were worth every penny. They are sound blocking and 100% light blocking. ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD they are the same print as the bedding I purchased. Im obsessed with the fabrics here. Last time, we had basic American curtains in our basic American style house. Boring! Im loving all the different things we can do and use off base. And I am a proud club member of Nitori. If you are in Okinawa, and you havent been to Nitori, shame on you!!!! Stay tuned. Next post I will post a picture of our new Bully, Maggie. The cutest English Bulldog in the world!


Christina said...

I love your kitchen!

Nicole Marie said...

Ok, so when we move to Okinawa further down the road, I am going to need to get in touch with you. I will need to get the inside scoop of what to expect and where to go to find a home like this! Wow, it is great!

Also, I am from Tampa. It was nice to read that you have lived there. I miss it terribly.

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