Monday, September 6, 2010

Week in Review

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend. Ours was pretty good. Friday night, the Hubs and I enjoyed a date night. We had dinner at a new seafood place then hit the bookstore. Browsing the book store is so nice without kids! Saturday we went to a birthday party for a friends 1 year old little boy. Then hit another birthday party for my twin friends 40th. They had a keg!! Loads of fun. Sunday we went to the beach and had lunch there. Lil Sis now swims on her own with arm floaties. It's sooo cute. Today we went to Old Navy to get me some new shorts since mine are falling off. Ive lost like 3 sizes this summer. Yahoo!! Although I didn't find any shorts lol. Having the 3 days with hubs is sooo nice. It's not often that he gets to participate in the 96's or in this case the 72.

Dance class started back up for the year this past week. Big Sis did great and she has a friend from last years class. Lil Sis starts her dance class next month. I', guessing it will be like a bull in a china shop but I am staying positive :)
In one week from today we will be at Disney World for the week! The kiddos are sooo excited!

Here is a pic from Dance on Thursday

Here is a ball gown I tried on earlier today. What do you think? I am loving red this year.

Just a quick last minute note;
I love blogging and I love my followers. Please do not be offended that I won't accept your friend requests on Facebook. I assume you found me on Facebook from my email? Not Sure. I keep blogging and Facebook separate to keep names and locations private. Sorry for the confusion!


Stephanie Hartman said...

WOW sounds like you have been having lots of fun. I Love that dress its so beautiful.

The Mrs. said...

Looks like someone's keeping VERY busy!

The dress is ADORABLE, and red, well.. I love red <3

Kara said...
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Kara said...

That's a cute dress. I like the top.

Hubby was hoping for Foster or Kadena. He was told all they had available was at Courtney. We got housing at Camp Shield. He has been there a couple months, so I would hope he has figured out the good and not so good places to live! He has been looking at the Okinawa Yard Sales sight. I'll have to check that one out too. Thanks!

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