Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Deployment Survivor

Amber from Goodnight Moon is doing a blog link up for deployment survivors. It's such a fun idea and everyone who links up gets to post about their deployment story and read others. Thanks Amber!! I LOVE your blog!

Here is the botton, be sure to grab it for your blog and post your deployment survivor story.

I don't have that one deployment story. Yes hubs has been deployed, several times actually. I turn into deployment mode each time. The first week I'm sad. Then I get over it and get on with it. My kids keep me ridiculously busy that the only time I notice hubs missing is in bed at night. I get sad but refuse to feel sorry for myself. I count down the days until he returns and dread when he tells me he has to go back. I don't like deployments at all...but I think we can all agree that the homecoming is *the* most amazing feeling. You can't really put it in to words and we all know, that no one will ever understand until they have gone through it too. To you fellow deployment survivors, you are AMAZING for your selflessness. It's a job that only a select few, amazing, brave, strong women can do. And Remember, at your next homecoming, say a prayer for all of those wives and families who werent able to get that welcome home hug.


Goodnight moon said...

Deployments bite big time don't they! But seriously...I am so glad that I went through mine...(and will have many many more to go still) to say that I survivied it! I feel like we should be able to wear a badge don't you? We are a select few that are able to endure what we have to, but when we are asked, "how do you do it"'s simple..."WE JUST DO". It's our life.

Thanks for sharing your story! Make sure you add this post to my link so that others can come by and read it too!


Steph said...

I agree that homecoming is the best feeling ever. Ours topped our wedding for me. I feel so bad for those who will never get to experience it.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Beautifully put!

Alyie said...

Have I told you how much I adore you??!!!
Reading your "stages in deployment mode" made me feel not so alone. I am not one to really broadcast my sadness. Yes, I breakdown but I know that we as spouses gain a great sense of independence while they are gone and I try to pride myself on that.
I have my week of boohoo-ing. I have my 6-8 months of keeping crazy busy and then my 2 weeks before homecoming of anxiety and mad woman house cleaning :-) You will bear witness to this..

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Stopping by through Amber's Blog Hop. Thank you for your hubby's service and for your support! My dad is retired Air Force and my hubby is retired Army, so I do understand the ups and downs of the many, many deployments throughout the years. You wrote a great post, that we should continue to support and lift those families that are not able to experience that wonderful "reunion" time.

Blessings & Aloha!
Your little girls are beautiful :o)

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