Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day Inspiration

Quite a picture huh? Six men from the U.S. Marines, Royal Marines and U.S. Army crossed the finish line today at the Santa Monica Pier. They completed a 16 state, 3,530 mile journey which was for charity for "The Gumpathon". It's an amazing charity to raise money for injured troops across the United States.

The man on the right...Royal Marine and triple amputee, Mark Ormrod lost his arm and both legs in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2007.

The man on the left, Army Ranger Bill Dunham, was shot 5 times and lost his leg above the knee in Panama in 1989.

If this isn't inspiring on Veterans Day, I dont know what is. I agree with Brianna from Forever Yours, Semper Fi
when she said everyday should be like today. Thank a Vet! I know I always do when I see one whether in the post office of grocery store. Did anyone's Hubby's enjoy their free meal at one of the participating restaurants today?? Mine did! We went to Chili's!

Happy Veterans day to past and present. Your service is greatly appreciated by my family.


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

This is amazing!!

Jenifer said...

My husband and I actually passed 2 of these runners on our way out to Vegas last weekend. What a sight to see. Thank you for sharing this

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