Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving for Me

First, I want to thank Lindsey for inviting me over to guest blog for the day. Even though I just spent the last week in Massachusetts, I'm still jealous of her trip there. There's just something about Massachusetts during autumn that I'll always love.

Lindsey asked that I write about Thanksgiving and traditions. Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays, second only to Independence Day. If you think about it, they are on the short list for holidays that don't require gifts, cards, or money. Thanksgiving is about spending time with the ones you love and being thankful for friends, family and the memories throughout the year. For me, I love the family time.

One year, I decided I wanted to be a world traveler on Thanksgiving. I spent my first Thanksgiving away from home in Ireland. Yes, in a place that doesn't even celebrate Thanksgiving! After a long day of travel and seeing all of Ireland's gems...we were craving a Thanksgiving dinner. We found a pub that was celebrating Thanksgiving. It was so funny to see how Ireland thinks we celebrate....and it involved three different kinds of potatoes (mashed, roasted, baked..!) And no stuffing or cranberry sauce....which I must say, are my favorites! I remember rushing off the plane a few days later...and begging my Mom for leftovers. I don't even like leftovers!

Last year was my first Thanksgiving away, in a different state...and a different family. It was my first time in Ohio, first time meeting Danny's extended family (and son!) first Thanksgiving with them....and telling them we were engaged! So, of course I was nervous...and I planned to stuff my face to hide it. But you can imagine my disappointment when there was (once again) no stuffing or cranberry sauce. Only a few short weeks later we were at my parents house for Christmas...and learning how to make Mom's amazing stuffing!

I've spent twenty-two Thanksgivings with my my parents house. I'll be 25 in one week. I'm married, a puppy mommy, and a step-mom...while we might not have our own family traditions I'm so thankful that we get to be with our families for the holidays, which is the most important tradition of them all.

And just remember, if you're going to invite me over for Thanksgiving...make sure there is stuffing and cranberry sauce on the table! Here's my Mom's famous (well, in my family atleast!) stuffing recipe...I'll be bringing my own this year!

1 lb ground sausage
1 large onion chopped
4 celery stalks chopped
2 cans chicken stock
1 stick butter
1 bag Pepperidge farm stuffing cubes...original (blue bag)
2 teaspoons of Bells seasoning

In large skillet melt butter.
Add celery and onion, cook about 2 minutes.
Add sausage, cook till no longer pink. drain.
Add back to pan.
Add stuffing cubes and stock, mix well.

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