Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gobble Gobble

It's almost Thanksgiving!! One of my favorite celebrations! This will be our first Thanksgiving with our parents/brothers/sisters in almost 7 years!! We are heading to Boston tomorrow morning. What was I thinking taking a 6 am flight with two kids?? Nuts. While I am away I will be having some guest bloggers. Thanks rock! I might post a time or two too.

Today my Zumba gals and I were invited to teach at the Great American Teach In. It's when schools all over the country invite professionals to come speak/teach for the kids. They had tons of different kinds of careers there. Although I heard a few kids saying that we were the best they had all day :-) Who doesnt love to dance???

I hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!

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Kara said...

Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

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