Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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Hi Everyone! I was so excited to be asked by Lindsey to do a guest post on what Thanksgiving means to us and what we do for it : )
I have only been in America for three Thanksgivings in my life and have always been included in a big dinner, twice at Mr Soldier's family house. Obviously, this year I am living alone in GA and anxiously awaiting for my husband to get home so everything is a bit out of sync. Mr Soldier's family are meeting up as usual but I decided that I am not going to make the drive to be a part of it all. Why you ask? Well because I don't want to throw Baby Girl's schedule out of wack just days before I bring an essentially strange man into the house in the form of her Daddy! I will be a ball of nerves by then, I will have nesting syndrome and I just think having not grown up with the holiday it won't bother me that I am not with family. Thankfully I have made really good friends with new neighbours recently and they have invited me over to their house and so I still get to be a part of the yummyyyyyy food!
When it comes to the future, I am totally excited to embrace this holiday. I picture family, with a fire burning and the football on. I picture happiness, warmth and everyone spending a deliberate moment stating what they are thankful for. We actually do this every day when we sit down for dinner as we each talk about the pit of our day and the peak of our day but Thanksgiving is that special family moment and appreciation. After having Baby Girl and surviving this deployment, appreciation is one word that has a whole new meaning to me I cannot wait to have my little family together this time next year.

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