Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Every OTHER Thanksgiving

Amber from GoodNight Moon is probably my favorite blog. She is SO funny and her posts just make my day. She is also a fellow Marine wife! Here is her Thanksgiving post. Enjoy!!! Be sure to check out her blog...you'll love it!

Growing up as a kid

Thanksgiving never was much different then any other day.

Being a Marine brat

we always lived far away from extended family

to be able to enjoy the holidays with them.

We never had a "commercial" Thanksgiving

like you see on tv.

But that never stopped

my mother from




up a storm on Turkey Day.

Now that I am an adult

my Thanksgivings still aren't like a

"commercialized" Thanksgiving.

Being that I was married before to Isabel's father

she has visitation with him every other holiday.

So every even numbered year for Thanksgiving




my other 3 kids

are all stuck traveling in a car

during the Thanksgiving holiday.

We normally spend our Thanksgiving dinner

eating at Cracker Barrel.

{They make the best stuffing and pecan pie.}

I don't feel too bad for our waitress that day


we always give them a huge tip for having

to work on Thanksgiving

so families like us are able to eat

a good homecooked turkey meal.




make a choice to remain together as a family

on even numbered years

even if that means that we are spending the entire

Thanksgiving holiday in our vehicle traveling


being together as a family


spending all the minutes together that we can

is what matters most to us.

On the odd number years that we get Isabel

I go all out


make all the fixings

so we can pig out.

Yes I said pig out because I normally make a



a ham.

Sadly I know alot of families are like mine


aren't able to celebrate a big family Thanksgiving meal.

But celebrating Thanksgiving


any other holiday

is always what you make of it.

You have to make the best of the situation you live


my family does just that.


Goodnight moon said...

Thanks Lindsey for having me over as a guest blogger today!

FYI...the roads were SUPER busy today traveling!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Such an awesome post Amber!!!

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