Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sick Liv

I haven't posted in a while. Liv has been pretty sick over the past 5 days. Her asthma is back with a vengeance! She got sick on Sunday and I thought it was a cold but noticed a lot of wheezing. We wound up at the Dr office for hours. She has pneumonia AGAIN. They didn't want to let Olivia go home because her o2 was too low. It has to be like 96 before they will discharge them. I was pretty much begging her not to admit Liv. Thank God, after 3 treatments her o2 came up to 94 and they let us go home. We are back on inhalers, steroids, antibiotics and breathing treatments every 4 hours around the clock. Did I mention I was tired??? She is doing MUCH better today. Those liquid steroids work really fast. She has another appointment tomorrow to see if she can move the neb treatments to 6 hours apart. She should be able to play in her soccer game Saturday and return to school on Monday. Pray for good health!

Sophia rested on the couch with big sister...awwww! Her lil foot stickin' out is so cute!

Still in good spirits!

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