Saturday, February 20, 2010

Park, Playing Soccer and Puking

Today was eventful...We went to Livs soccer game this morning which went well. Came home for a rest then heading out to the park. Which also went well. It was after dinner that it all went downhill. I don't understand how so much puke can come out of such small kids. Soph got sick at dinner so headed straight up for bath. All clean and warm and then Liv hurls. *sigh*. I'm going to bed before anything else happens! Enjoy the funny pics.

Static much?

This kid is so stinkin cute!!

So is this one!! She is dying to play soccer!

Check out that form!! Go Liv!

An update on Mike; He is doing well. Not sick anymore. He got all of our packages, thank to Moms and Dads, Becky and Maurico, Kurt and Mel, and T.A.M.P.A. for all your support. He has PLENTY of toiletries now!! He said he was going to try and take 30 days of leave when he gets back for some quality family time. YAY!! Thanks again everyone!

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Kurtis and Melissa said...

we hope everyone is feeling better. These pics are great! I love the static hair and the soccer pics. Talk soon!

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