Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fair Maddness

Today we ventured out to the Florida State Fair. Sorry hometown peeps but this fair puts Marshfield to shameeeee. It's SO big. Too bad it rained on us but we still had fun!

I just threw in this picture of Sophia this morning because she has the best hair of any baby I've ever seen. Look at the shine and volume!! This is what it looked like when she woke up!

Watching the Circus

Phuong and Isaac. He was mesmerized by the acts.

Me being angry because I'm soaked. Isaac thought it was hilarious.

I had to give Chevy my home address for this poncho! I used it to cover Sophia most of the time though. We stuck Isaac's head through the arm home and it doubled for both kids. Hilarious.

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Kurtis and Melissa said...

That hair could get Sophia on a shampoo ad! Looks like it was a fun but soggy day. Mr. Maclaren looks like he had fun too:-)

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