Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mission: Master Closet

My master closet is re-dic-u-lous. It has everything from clothes, shoes, makeup from high school, Military gear, zip ties, fishing crap, ammunition, linens, and other things that I have no idea how they got there. We have like 10 closets in our house...storage should not be a problem...I totally blame my husband. He is so messy!!! This closet will stay organized until the minute he steps his foot in the door. Here is the before picture:

Don't make fun of my slippers, they're awesome.

Ah, nice and organized. I bought 2 shoe racks at target for $15 each, They hold about 20 pairs each. People...I have a great love of shoe. All kinds. I've never met a shoe I did not like. (and need) Leave me shoe fetish alone. I had 3 Rubbermaid bins in the other master closet. And I really wanted to shoes out so they wouldn't get so squished. All the linens for the master bathroom neaty on the right hand side. The bins on top are all Mike's PT gear. Ugh.

More shoes, and a basket full of flip flops. I have all the jeans on the top shelf folded...I don't like them there and plan to hang them later. Pant hangers are expensive!
This is the other master closet. It's used for uniforms and gear. I have a true hatred for gear. Mike has about 10 pairs of cammies, 6 pairs of boots. and endless uniforms. Not to mention all the gear he has with him in Afghanistan. It takes up so much space!!! I keep it behind these doors so I never have to look at it. This closet is really big but you can't tell with all the crap. It's complete with uniforms, a giant box of purses at the bottom, a foot spa, some weapons, and yes...that's a bullet proof vest.

Much better. Although my purses are still in a box for now. Whatever. The entire left side is luggage. I have NO IDEA why we have 8, yes 8, duffell bags, 3 sea bags (gear), and like 15 other bags of some sort. (ANDDDDDDD we have like 10 suitcases in the spare bedroom closet! ugh!)

But I got all of the shoes out of the 3 bins that used to be in this closet. Put all Mike's uniforms and covers in a neater manner and it looks much better. But seeing all his uniforms made me totally miss him. I just stoof there and admired them for a few minutes. He looks amazingly sexy in those dress blues. ;)


Kurtis and Melissa said...

You make those slippers sexy! The closet looks FANTASTIC. When you have a sec, cmon over and tackle mine. You do have a lot of shoes so mine wont take you too long. Good work!

lori said...

NICE JOB Linz!!! come do mine lol
Love you, Mom

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