Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hell On Tiny Little Baby Feet

This kid just looks so cute...but let me assure you...She is HELL ON WHEELS. My day went a little something like this:

-Livs stays home from school sick (although not sick)
-Bring Liv to dance (and hellion)
-Soph disrupts class (the one class I get to sit in on and watch)
-Soph is so loud I have to bring her out and miss Liv's solo
- Liv spends 30 minutes building a tower that Soph sat on and destroyed.
-Liv cries for 30 minutes
-Soph puts green beans in her ear that I have to remove with tweezers
-Soph poops out red crayon from the other day.
-Soph shoves toilet paper roll down toilet and clogs it
- I get toilet water all over me
- Soph goes to bed.

But I know in the morning I will go in her room and she will be standing (by standing I mean jumping up and down vigorously while yelling mommy) it's then I will forget all her naughtyness and remember how stinkin cute she is. (Until breakfast with friends where she will throw food at Phuong and spit on Awilda)


Anonymous said...

OMG I love this little girl!!! AHAHAHA

Lindsey and Co said...

want her? kidding.

Wesley's Grammy said...

Now you know none of us can believe this when we look at that precious face, hehe.
I wish I lived next door so you could drop her off when you needed a break.

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